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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I've been looking around trying to gather parts for a Halo Reach elite ranger, I've been trying to modify models so I can hopefully create armor someday, and also fix some of my old Halo Reach figures since the armor is pretty close to the in-game model.
I have run into a problem though, nobody has the elite jetpack and I'd love to print a miniature model of one, and hopefully upscale it in the future, does anybody have access to one of these models from Halo reach? I'm fine with doing all the fixing, I just need an OBJ, FBX, or an STL file of one. Or at least something that can be converted to an OBJ, STL. Thanks

Edit as of 4:07 PM: I have acquired the Jetpack file, and I am no longer needing assistance.
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Welcome to the Forums! Glad you could find the model you were looking for. Elites are rare to see here, so it'll be very cool to see what you have in store. Good luck!
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