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ok, well, I had an idea recently concerning the spartan helmet. I have noticed that the visor has a very clay-like pattern, I know that several tricks exist to get that pattern, but the fact remains that I havn't seen a single helm with a full accurate pattern AND the ability to see. I've seen partial patterns, but always, a bit of visor is visible, meaning the field of view is reduced, but still there.

My idea is to make a full pattern, out of whatever materials, and put it on the helmet, you won't be able to see, but it will look accurate, plus, you will be able to make it as strong as you want because it won't be limited to materials that let you see. This is only step one.

Back in world war 2, the tanks had to have small slits to see, this made them slightly vulnerable, later, as technology advanced, tanks became fully armored and enclosed and used camaras to see. Modern tanks have moniters inside where the tank crew can see, with the camaras and equipment inside, with optical wires coming out from various places, they are so small that it's next to impossible to shoot them, let alone even see them.

My idea is this: What if you were to install two small camaras inside the helm, one for each side, and had an optical wire in the spot where you would normally install LED's, if they are as small as I think they are, you would still be able to keep the LED's in, just place the optic part in between them. Then, to create a 3d image, you install two small moniters inside the helmet, where your non-see through visor is (it would be on the back of it) each moniter would be lined up with each eye and would be attached to the camara for that side. This would create two independant images coming in from the camaras, one from each camara, and would therefore create a sort of 3d image. Not only that, but with a bit of tinkering, you could potentialy get each optical part to cover the entire field of vision that you would be able to get only by moving your eyes around (without actually moving your head) creating an even more fluid image.

Finally, this also makes it possible to use camaras which could potentially record and take pictures, meaning that by placing something like a small hand-held computer or ipod or something somewhere on the armor, you could wirelessly connect the camaras and this device to store any thing that you recorded.. This means that you could record and spy on people without them knowing, (who would honestly realise you were recording their actions if they didn't even know you had camaras built in) You could create first person movies, if playing paintball you could record everything you did, etc.

Is this possible? Comments, opinions?
that is so cool. you obviosly thought about it alot. but there would be a blind spot just after where the visor curves in the front. i'll explain the blind spot later, my mom is telling me to do my homework.

ok i'm back. you know how the visor curves and is like a dome?? since the cameras are where the lights are you wouldn't be able to see past where the visor curves, and also if the lights actually work the the cameras would only pick up the lights and nothing else. still a cool idea though.
Wow thats a very cool idea. But for a halo helmet, this could not be achieved. Because the visor is close to your face and eyes, meaning that if monitors were in front of your eyes. You would just see giant pixels (that cannot be differentiated), due to the monitors being so close to your eyes.
My input on it. I could be wrong though.
hmm, well, the optical parts could be mounted anywhere on the helmet, or anywhere on the armor for that matter. Another thing, the camara's wouldn't really look pixelated, because it would be like wearing one of those 3d virtual reality googles, it's on a small scale, if the moniter was as large as one of those 60+ inch t.v.s, then it would look pixelated up close, but these moniters would be very small.

I will check out the link you provided rank master chief. I just wonder if there is anything that can be done about the optical wires (or whatever they are called)

Edit: that link contains camaras which could be used for this purpose, but they are expencive

also, we need something that can be used as a moniter, I mean really small moniters that are about the size of the lens on glasses, but maybe 2x bigger.
thought about doing something like that , i work on airplanes and some of em use IR cameras ,helps to get a great view at night but camera a little big to mount in or on helmet . of course i was just gonna use one little lcd screen inside .

how about these? two video cameras would be hard, because if they wernet pointing exactly right, youd be looking cross eyed, with no ability to focus it. These you could hook up to one video camera, plus they already have a built in 8 hour rechargeable battery. Plus its just plain cool havin a 50inch tv in your glasses.A little Halo 3 on the plane maybe? $260 though...
edit- and wireless too!

To solve the blind spot problem.

If your an electrical engineer, pick up one of these (I don't know if they are distributed to the public or not, or how expensive they are)
Sony OLED flexible screen
This would definately be a project worth investing in.
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