Just Painted my NAS Helmet

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What's up ya'll, this is my first post. Just some pics of my NAS helmet I just finished painting. The first set is while still weathering and the last few are the finished product. As you can tell I'm a HUGE fan of weathering, lol.






Back when I got it a few months back it looked to just be primered. So I don't know if thats something its previous owner had done, but I'm definitely a fan of this look rather than their ultra glossy finishes.
No offense to nas but i like Adams, Blues, Spases, all the good molded helms and even a westerfields beter than nas. Theres look a little off and not as accurate in the back. But good job painting
I agree with you, the top slopes down too much... but you never notice if you have the whole armor set on.
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