Kaz's ODST Build (Hybrid EVA and 3D Print)


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This is turning out really well! Don't feel bad about losing motivation, when you've got nothing to work towards (cons) it can be tricky to find the drive to keep goin'. Slow and steady is better than no progress though. And I'm sure as you get more done, that excitement will all start to rush back.


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Oh look...I found a little motivation.

Finally got around to getting the lower left arm fully assembled and wearable. I'm not 100% happy with how it fits at the moment. Might gut the foam I put in and made some better foam inserts. But it's wearable and gives my a little bit of good brain juices. Just letting the final coat of black dry before detail paints and any more fitting.


Started on the right lower arm now. Had these prints sitting around for a while. We had been having an issue with layer adhesion so we did the forearms in 5 pieces. Turns out it was just a bad spool of filament. For making them wearable I just put some elastic strap on the sides. Once the foam insert is in there, and I put my arm in its a decent fit. I do feel like its going to move about though, but once I have an under suite I can add some buckles or something to better hold them in place.


Need to hit up Home Depot for more filler primer, but should have these sanded and primed, and sanded and primed a second time soon.

In other talks. Told my therapist about this build and how I've been feeling about it. He thinks its good that I have such creative outlets and can see why with the rona killing conventions and closing Millennium Fandom, the place I was most looking forward to wearing this, has really dragged me down so much.

But yea, I'm trying. I'm also super hard on myself. IDK....time to scrape bondo out of my beard. I'd like to add that anytime I am working on this I have the Halo sound tracks playing because I feel it would be a crime to listen to anything else.


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Small update on this build and what’s been going on.

So I started this build with all the drive and motivation! I had a dream to wear it at conventions and at outings to my local nerd bar.

But with COVID shutting all that down I had struggled to keep going. And then shortly after the new year I had a slight medical issue that ended up me having surgery. Nothing major and I am healed up. But during that time I also got sick with COVID. After all that recovery time sort of became a blur. It just got to work then sit at home, rinse and repeat. Even may days off don’t feel like days off. Like I don’t have that reset time. It got hard to even enjoy the things I like doing. It doesn’t help that I also battle with anxiety and depression that make the act of committing even an hour to a project hard. All my hobbies stalled.

Last Saturday my favorite nerd bar, Millennium Fandom, reopened after over a year of being closed. So me being fully vaccinated I decided to make a trip out there with at least my helmet. Boy did I need that. It’s one thing to post a photo here and in discord and get feed back from all you amazing people. But to hand my bucket to someone else, have them hold it and see it in person. To see the defects and not notice them. Man, that was a morale boost for me. I feel as though my motivation is building back up. My mana is recharging and I have the spoons to dedicate some more time to building my suit.


Photo of my bucket on a table.

Also I need to line this with some foam inside. It’s all 3D printed but it’s super loud with out anything absorbing sound. But it’s so fun to wear and get that in person feedback. Made a week that was rough due to other things feel all right.

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