Kuromi Helmet for the GF! (Sanrio)


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Hello! Im Bowye! Im mostly known around the internet as Halo Kitty, because of my Hello Kitty themed Spartan Armor. A while back ago I decided to make my girlfriend a helmet. We decided to themed the helmet of the character of Kuromi from Sanrio.

First up was the concept of helmet. How was it going to look? How is it going to look like the character? So here was the concept that my friend julliettestellar (on IG) drew up for me!


I got the files from TitleWaveDesigns on Etsy, and the visor I got from Icon Props. And then I started printing and printing!


I don't know basically anything for 3d modeling. Just the bare basics. So for the ears I I had to cut up the ear file and mess around with the scaling ration to get the bottom of the ears. And then I added little sphere to the top. Im honestly so happy with how they turned out.
Also for the attaching of the ears, they were very weak. So I had to super glue, E6000, plastic weld, and screw in the ears so they would be just at least a little sturdy.

A little Bondoing and filler primering later, it was up to my very low standards for painting!
Here is a test fit of the helmet and visor! We were so excited for the paint!

The first layer of paint was for the Skull, we followed the contour of helmet. I used a mixture of masking fluid and masking tape to give the skull a more hand drawn feel. And then from there it was pretty simple masking the big areas.

And then the final big thing was to add in a visor!

So happy on how this turned out! I will be back to upload her wearing it :)))
Thanks yall!
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