How Accurate is the Jazwares Halo Infinite Master Chief Helmet?


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When looking from the side the Helmet seems a little Squished in the back, when compared to the 3D printable STL by the Galactic Armory. It doesn't look Bad, but I wanted others opinions especially since you can get Master Chief's whole Armor set for $60 Dollars from the Galactic Armory.
Seems like there are two questions here, is it accurate and is it worth the price tag.

Accuracy-wise, on its own, it has some issues, like you said. It does seem a little squished, and a custom 3D model from a member of our community or from GA will always be more accurate than a mass produced commercial item like this, as there will always be short cuts or limitations from the manufacturing process.

Now as to its worth, that can be a little subjective and how much you value your own time.

For its price Tag, I think it is pretty accurate and easily worth the cost. It could definitely stand a repaint to clean up the weathering effects, but that is the biggest draw back for me. However, it comes fully finished, no filling and sanding, with working lights all wired up and nicely contained, a decent hardhat liner suspension system, it's extremely lightweight and comfortable, and it has an excellent visor. Frankly, the visor alone might be worth $60 consider the going rate for finished visors from most Etsy sellers, or the cost of setting up your own vacuum former, getting the plastic, dyeing and tinting, then chroming.

If you are an extreme accuracy buff, and have the time, patience and skill to invest in filling, priming, sanding, repeatedly, have your own Vacuum Form set up, or have the drive to build one, then you can definitely get a more accurate helmet, but the cost in time and materials will probably be at the very least even, if not more expensive.

So, it all comes down to personal preference and what you value, time, money, experience, or pride in having made it yourself.

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