LED lights for a helmet - an option

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by iwantaxbox360, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. iwantaxbox360

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    First post, so be gentle!.

    So I am making my son a Suit from the Pepakura templates, and have been searching out some resources for LED for the helmet.

    Here is an ebay link ( although at home depot they are only $8 each!)

    Once I opened the case, the inner 'gubbings' is perfect for the helmet, a quick re-wire so it only need one battery instead of 2, and you have the circuit board and LED.s and it only little visor for the lights, ready to go.

    I will post some pics of it once i have installed them, but for a solution that came to about $16 and required soldering, it seems a good option to me.

    Hope some find this of some use.
  2. nickb2325

    nickb2325 New Member

    Welcome to the site. I bought 50 1200MCD LEDs then just soldered them in with some old wire (free) then cut the battery compartment out of an old walkman also free. The LEDs were only $6 shipped on ebay. If you don't have a soldering iron i guess you could go this way, but you would need to buy 2, one for each side.
    They were 3V LEDs so I just soldered them directly to 2 AA.

    This is the wiring before I put it in the helmet.

    This is it on
  3. iwantaxbox360

    iwantaxbox360 New Member

    See i had trouble finding 'blue' LED's , hence why i went with the white ones in the flash light.

    Yours look very good.

    i need to gets some pics on my armour up.
  4. Galganaban

    Galganaban Member

    what size leds are those? i need 10 mm i think
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  5. nickb2325

    nickb2325 New Member

    I got 5mm LED's. I use them for other things as well, they look good to me. A little bigger might be nicer on the helmet. they look bigger than they are because they are so bright. If you look at the one with them off, you can see how small they actually are.

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