letting go of a suit

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I didn't, I can't figure out why it started my price at $450 instead of $200.

Stupid Ebay.

Well, at least it's over your reserve. *patiently waits 4 days*

Geez. I need this armor in order to make a UT Longhorns Master Chief costume.
I'd better win, and it better not break me :-(

*counts money I made from ebaying a ps3*

What do you expect it will end up going for anyways?
You guys are too funny..

Good luck Adam, though I would suspect corpseguy might have hooked you up with a deal directly. If anyone wants armor parts, they should probably ask for them in the forums here somewhere, or PM one of the fabricators directly.

ohh.. and I've got bad news for you Adam.. you put in $200, but in reality you may have been putting in 200 pounds. which is (I guess) about $450USD. if you dont get outbid, maybe corpseguy'll let you off the hook if that's too much?

The pics are cool, I especially liked the calfs and forearms.. the forearms are tricky to get right, and the calfs.. well.. let just say that both parts aren't really designed with vacumformed assembly in-mind.
Oh.. I gotcha.. thought you'd use the UK's ebay... it still get's visibility on the US ebay site, assuming you checkmark the box that says it's availible to US residents in your auction. It just means that the price is displayed in pounds, and in the US, it'll show the approximate conversion into USDollars in parenthesis.

Adam, the reason your number jumped was because his reserve acts like a bid itself. So in order to "win" the auction at this point, it automatically ramped you up over the reserve price.

I thought you meant you'd typed in $200, and it went to $450.. my bad.

I have always hated reserve prices.. sell it or don't, don't fake like you'll take less. It's like false advertising. Still, I can see where the seller saves money in his listing, suckers folks, and suckers the ebay search system. I just personally dont use it, and wish it wasn't something Ebay didn't offer.

Nothing against you, Corpseguy. If you need the money, then make the money however you want.. it's just not for me.
strange.. it shouldn't do that.. a reserve is just the minium i wanna sell it for.. he would have bid 250 and it should ahve stayed at that.. unless his max was 450.. either way we'll work something out.

i hate reserves too, but its there to be used so.. you know *shrugs*
I'd bid, but I've got no money >.< and we're supposed to sell a white Japanese kimono for $500, it was once work $1000, so if anyone would like to sell an armor for $500 just let me know, so I can get that damn kimono on ebay. XD
uhh.. I'm misunderstanding something, I guess.

you bid on the armor with no money.
You're supposed to sell a kimono for $500, but it was once worth $1000

You want armor for $500 so you can sell the kimono.

Did you mean that you want to sell a kimono so that you can pay for the armor, or something?
No, I said I would bid on it, but I don't have any money to bid, if I had the money, yes I would bid on it but I can't because I don't have the money, and I have a Japanese Kimono that I can sell for $500 I do plan on selling the Kimono.
Very Nice.

You're house is messy, though.

i work from home and have my office in the workshop..

i make costumes for a living,.. sure its messy. but thats the price you pay for having costumes and displays everywhere.
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