List of completed Guns

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Post the name of the Halo Verse gun you made.Ill post your name next to the weapon when post which one you made

Heres the list of all of them

Halo Games

MA5B Assault Rifle ---- Link 4044
M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade ---- Spartan-094
M6D Pistol ---- Link4044
M19 SSM Jackhammer mounted to Warthogs
M90 Shotgun ---- shifty
S2 AM Sniper Rifle
M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun Mounted to Warthogs
M7057 Defoliant Projector
BR55 Battle Rifle ---- Smile120
M6C Magnum ---- SpArtan-270 - Sean Bradley - Leadingspartan
M7/Caseless SMG ---- Link 4044 - SpArtan-270
M68 Gauss Cannon
Spartan Laser ---- spArtan-270 - ghLyuIewNloKmb
MA5C Assault Rifle ---- Link4044
M6G Pistol ---- Link 4044 - just me
Shield Bubble
Missile Pod
AIE-486H HMG Machine gun/chain gun
Trip Mine ---- SPARTAN-105
Plasma Pistol ---- Link 4044
Plasma Rifle
Brute Plasma Rifle
Needler ---- Link 4044
Fuel Rod Gun/Cannon ---- MonsterMaker13
Plasma Grenade
Energy Sword ---- Sean
Particle Beam Rifle
Portable/Shielded Plasma Cannon
Gravity Cannon
Energy Garrote
Plasma Mortar ---- Demonic Crim
Energy Tether
Anti-Matter Bomb
Type-25 Carbine
Brute Shot
Spike Grenade

Halo Books

Combat Knife ----
MA2B Assault Rifle ---- Link4044
MA5K Assault Rifle ---- Link4044
MA3 Assault Rifle ---- Link4044
HMG-38 Rifle
M19-B SAM Missile Launcher
Electric Baton
Confetti Maker
Archer Missiles
ASGM-10 Missiles
Argent V Missiles
Scorpion Missiles
Lotus Anti Tank-Mine
Antlion Anti-Personnel Mines
Moray Space Mines
Type 14 Magnetic/Anti-Tank Mine
Asteroidea Anti-personnel Mine
Smoke Grenade
Flash-Bang Grenade
Concussion Grenade
Napalm Grenade
Sonic Grenade
Frag Grenade
MLA Autocannon
M247 GP Machine Gun
M202 XP Machine Gun
Fury Tactical Nuclear Warhead
Shiva Nuclear-tipped missile
FENRIS Nuclear Warhead
HAVOK nuclear mine
VX 7 Nerve Gas
Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret
Satchel Charge
C-7 Foaming Explosive
C-12 Shaped-charges
Narcozine Gas

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I'm making the combat knife and the shield that it is shown crossed over when you select a difficulty so put me on that list. :Steve:
i can trun my MA5C Assault Rifle into a MA5B Assault Rifle and also into these
MA2B Assault Rifle
MA5K Assault Rifle
MA3 Assault Rifle
i have some pics that i got from that wikia thing
Hehe, I made a plasma mortar once as a joke, just got a blue basketball and added a whole bunch of see through blue wrapping plastic :roll: . Don't have to put my name down, just saying.
i think this should be a list of completed a few of my weapons are not done
Put me up for the M6C Magnum also. I have made some huge progress on that one, but I just haven't posted up any completed pics yet (Haven't finished the paintjob. I will have pics up very soon.

It was a collaboration with Link 4044, so he should be listed under that one too.
maybe we should put our own stuff on this, like when i complete my weapons, i put up a pic and say what it is
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