Live Gamertag for H3!

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Sean Bradley

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That sounds great to me, I'd love to play some H2 with you guys... when I take breaks from writing the tutorial. ;-)

We should set up a game night on XBL for mjolnirarmor.

Maybe even start a Armor Clan... if you'd want to join.



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id join but lately i have only been playing Oblivion, so you guys would need to end my invites to games otherwise i would just not pay attention to you guys


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well, used to have xbl

but my parents canceled my account

but when i get my 360 , xbl, h3

my gamertag (was) (will be)


ODST General

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I have to try and get live, I couldnt get it to work with my old xbox, but it might work with my 360 since I was having internet problems then as it was


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my XBL tag is Zeke30695, yeah, im gonna be in the beta, scored me a copy of Crackdown's launch title with it. so now we just have to wait.


I just made a new account yesterday for my 360, my Gamertag is: Th3Wiz4rdOwnz

I used to play on my brothers account, Darkishrex but my bro's list was full and our xbox controllers are messed up and move on their own and stuff.

Also don't be surprised if you hear a 10 year old on the mic every once in a while, that's my little brother. :mrgreen: I don't like the mic and I rarely use it so you should know when I'm playing.


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mine is
add me if you want, i need more people to play with
the last guy i used to play halo with said he is starting to "dislike" it


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o am i not good enough to have a colon next to my name like everyone else?

(mutters to self)

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