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Logo Stickers

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Underdog410, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Underdog410


    Does anyone know more about stickers and things of that sort for the 405th? I've heard some about it but not if they are available or where we can get them.
  2. Termhn


    None are available yet but they will be in the near future. I'm not sure exactly what format they will be in but something of the sort will be available. Asgardian still has to finish things up and get all the lock ups ready. I think they are already working on printing some of the merchandise though.
  3. Underdog410


    Alright sounds good to me. Wouldn't mind getting some once its finished.
  4. MyrHerder


    It would be great if they had some at the RTX booth, hint hint...

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  5. MyrHerder


    Update: stickers, patches, and more available at

    Warning: sticker is too big for Sean Bradley ODST shoulder bell. I just received my patches and stickers. Very nice quality, but the size is off.


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