Our New Logo!


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I'm just glad they didn't choose a Kokopeli. Thunderbird is preferable, and references the eagle of the Spartans in the books. The design of it makes me think of Poncho-Chief. Though, I think a Cayote would have been awesome. Cayotes are really common down here.


Yeah, thanks for not doing that or a kachina. Whats a cayote? Any relation to a coyote? Coyotes are cool too. Like the desert version of wolves.

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MyrHerder, you got me dieing of laughter over here...

Welcome to the Southwest everyone!
We say things funny and sometimes spell things like we say them, but somehow we still manage to call ourselves on them.

I'm just glad to know that Roxy pronounces it as kī•ōt rather than kī•ō•tē
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Its not a bad logo. Not at all. Will it be offered in like a sticker/stencil format if we do want to paint it onto our armor?

Bobby Boucher

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What ever happened with this? Patches? Decals? Anywhere?

(Crap, necropost. Briefly forgot the forum ettiequte. Sorry)