looking for advice for the lights on my helmet

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I'm working on the helmet of my NCR Ranger cosplay and i want to put some electronics into the helmet. I'm going to have the eyes light up, put fans in, and have the laser and flashlight on the side of the helmet actually work. I pretty much already got everything i need except for the lights for the eyes and the headlamp ( the laser and headlamp are just something i want to add to it, i don't plan on using those while at a con or even put batteries in so no need to worry!). The problem is that i don't really know what i'm supposed to be looking for. I want the headlamp to be strong enough that it can actually be used, and as for the eyes i absolutely have no idea what to look for :p.
So i was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance!


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They sell eye-light things on a lot of stores like this but in different colors, but I think they're opaque. I've heard that you can supposedly peel off a layer of plastic to make them see-through, but I've never tried it. Your other option would be something like custom laser etched acrylic with a pattern that would catch light like hexagons or dots, so that if you set leds on the edge facing the center it would diffuse the light and provide a fake glow. In either case you'd sacrifice visibility for looks.

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