Stellan Gios Lightsaber Hilt Build!


As a little side project to give me a break from Halo as I build my Mark VII, I figured it was finally time to start getting into saber smithing. I've been reading The High Republic-era books for Star Wars in preparation for The Acolyte this June. I loved them. My favorite character is Stellan Gios. I call him the Obi-Wan Kenobi stand-in of the era, and his saber is gorgeous.

I was pushed to make his saber when I was talking with Nerdy Brentin Galactic Armory's discord about the files he made! Nerdy Brent's files were well-detailed, and he was happy to answer my questions. Link to the files
So then it was settled files purchase and off to the printer! Using my lovely P1P, printing out these files was a breeze. At only 17h20m and just under 400g of filament use, this was an entertaining weekend print! The fully assembled hilt is massive! I plan to finish it and install some neo-pixel electronics in it. So stay tuned for future updates!

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