looking for new members for my clan

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yeah, so if you don't have one, just PM me when you get one and put a TM in front of your gamertag, it stands for the clan name "The Mercenaries"
Looks good. Playing "Blow Me Away" on the site is a nice touch. But why have the cursor turn in to the diagonal arrows thing, or is that a glitch that only I'm getting?

Good to see a myspace page that isn't obnocioussly (I can't spell) long and wide. You get an A for the day.
Um, mastercommander you shouldn't reply to stuff that you can't actually do.

Like if you don't have a game system you shouldn't offer to join someones game clan.

Thats just illogical and counterproductive. Sorry. :Steve:
well, take it up then, not now. you're just wasting space and peoples time.

Don't post to this kind of stuff until you actually have something useful to add. We aren't interested in your 360 status... If you don't have something constructive an useful to say, then don't post anything at all.

C'mon we're trying to work with you here. Ease back. You don't have to post to every thread.
Dude, Please stop posting to this stuff. When you get a X box or something and want to join a clan I would understand your posting, but until then... stop please.

You don't need to post to every thread. Just the ones that you have someting to contribute to...

I'm not trying to police you here or something, but really you need to stop wasting space and peoples time. ONLY post when you have some thing to add to the discussion.

We're really going to have start drafting new rules for the forum around your misuse. Figure out what you want to say, take a breather, review it again, check your spelling, then post. I'm trying to help you. Please listen to me.
Send me a clan invite, I'll join. I made my account yesterday so I can't put TM in my name. My Gamertag is: Th3Wiz4rdOwnz
Not open for further replies.