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So lost planets out now, saw the commercial, kidda halo like any one rent/play it yet. Opinons, worth a rent or buy. Online play?
It's really good, and you can get it for $9.99 till tommorow night at any gamestop with 2 xb360 trades. Online is great and not laggy at all like Gears has been lately.
BenStreeper said:
It's really good, and you can get it for $9.99 till tommorow night at any gamestop with 2 xb360 trades. Online is great and not laggy at all like Gears has been lately.

wait wait what? $10? does it have to be midnight?
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has to be by midnight on the 15th, there is a coupon on the counter of ever gamestop for "trade in two 360 games get any $59.99 game for $9.99" the coupon expires tommorrow at close, but most gamestops will be open late for WOW BC on the 15th so you have extra time for the coupon.

if you have a g-stop card you end up getting the game for


Perks of being a Manager, you get the inside scopp on kool stuff like this.
You rule

dont get me wrong i dont wanna skip G-stop otu of any money but can it be ANY 360 game? :mrgreen: i got some BK games i dont want lol :rofl:
prolly has to be a certain company. I did an offer like that at babbages (gamestop) for trading in dvd's to get some free ps2 games. I was good friends with the manager and was talking to him earlier that day about the deal and asked him about the restrictions on the deal. He told me and i replied, "I have an idea." 20 minutes later I walked in with 7 copies of Ernest Goes to Jail on dvd that I got out of a store's "$3 bin". I didn't even take the dvd's out of the plastic. he laughed SOOO hard. :ha:
as far as we do it at our store it can be any 360 game in the system, unfortunalty the bk ones aren't in our computer system.
I played the demo when it was available to DL through the Marketplace. It was fun. The graphics were fantastic, much better than what they show in the TV commercial.

My buddy bought it and has been playing it for ther last few days, he says it is crazy hard...

UPDATE: I guess I'll be finding out how hard it is. I came home for lunch today an there was a copy of it sitting on my doorstep from Amazon...

See you online.
Angel: Why wouldn't you like the controls, they're almost identical to Halo!

I had a chance to play for a few wee hours last night, and I have to admit the gameplay is compelling.

Capcom typically doesn't do so well on the storytelling front and Lost Planet is no different; bad voice acting, shallow story lines, pitiful character development . The Campaign mode is a bust...not captivating in any way and unbelievably difficult. What really sells the game is the Multiplayer mode! Multiplayer is fantastic, with gorgeous graphics, very very fun weapons and vehicles, and a sleek HUD. The only downside to all this is the fact that they still haven't gotten the 'pre-game-lobby' idea down too well. There is no game 'party', you actually have to re-join your friends from the main Optimatch screen for each game...a real pain in the axx but can be easier if you co-ordinate with your friends on a Private Chat line. The gameplay 'HUD' interface is stellar....a huge improvement from Gears of War's minimalistic "who am I shooting?" approach.

Multiplayer on this game is really fun if you can get over the fact that you have to constantly re-join your friends. I recommend it for anyone who wants to instantly know how to play well a new game. Like I said, the controls are almost a carbon-copy of Halo. I picked it up and started ranking up, immediately. Thats a different thing too; you NEVER lose rank...so you constantly build higher and higher. Those are great odds for Achievement Points!

So anyhow, this is what I'll be playing for the next few weeks...give it a try! At the very least it's a great distraction until Halo 3 comes out.

See you online,

I've played the demo, and I've got to say, it looks sweet. But it just doesn't do it for me. I can't quite place my finger on it. Maybe its the way the camera moves before you actually turn, or the fact that it's 3rd person not 1st, or how I couldn't get the VS to transform... Anywho, still looks like a great game over all.
But thats something that you can change..you can go into 1st person w/ the scope function...but I hear ya.. Camera stuff can be disorienting.
So i rented it...

I not sure aobut you guys but story mode is a blast for mean, i mean the storys not all there like GoW but still a blast to play

Love the Mechs/ Love the spidy grapple

Tried online and thats pretty fun,but oh man when your on foot and i mech is riding your arse, ouch.

In my personal opinion i give this a 7+ out of 10
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