Low Flying 747 In Nyc With Tailing F-18

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Turns out to be a test flight of the backup Air Force One.
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Thats funny. I wonder what would of happen if if was being shot at and why was it so close to the ground.
You think that the White House or Air Force would announce something like that to keep the public from getting freaked like that. That is a case of failure to inform the public.
Enrisan said:
it was all for a picture....those bastards.

That is exactly what I thought. All this fuss, panic, and shear dread for New Yorkers just a ----ing photo opp!! A bunch of bull!!
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thats just messed...

on a side note, for those who dont know this Air Force One isnt actually any specific plane... What ever plane the President is on, is Air Force One... so if Obama wanted to like dust crops or something it would be called air force one... according to a special on Air Force One on the history channel i watched a while back...
In my opinion, people overreacted, but rightfully so. The government needs to let the public know about their publicity stunts a little bit more. It's reasons like these that fewer and fewer people trust the US government.
reminds me of "Top Gun" and their little fly-by...

at least the folks were paying attention and reacted!, running the wrong way, but reacting! why run towards a building?
i wonder if Obama was on the plane looking out the window. " HA HA, Look at the run like cock roaches running away from the light." In this case they were running towards the light. Oh let me run towards the plane headed straight for that building.
Master_Chief_13 said:
^Airforce 1 Lol?


very nice man. i bet obama was just like FIRE DRILL i want to see how fast they can get me off the ground
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Widman2013 said:
I my opinion, that was the worst possible choice of location for this test.
Well, no, they could've buzzed the White House, or the Capitol, or something...
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