MA5C Assault Rifles Confiscated by FBI!

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So I ordered a MA5C Assault Rifle on Ebay, This on here:


I hadn't received it in over 20 days and was wondering what was taking so long with shipping. I opened a dispute with Paypal and a day later got this message back from the seller:

Hello to everyone who purchased one of our Halo style guns. If you already received your gun, we hope you enjoy it, and you can disregard this message. For everyone else, I wanted to send out an update.Here is what happened. We had 25 guns, we sold them on ebay. Using paypal, we assumed we could be certain that all buyers were over 18. WRONG! It seems the Mother of a 15 year old in Minnesota opened her son's package, saw what she described as a "machine gun," and freaked out. She called the police, the delivery service, and the FBI. Yes, the freaking FBI! (Someone from the police department told her it was a federal crime so she should call the FBI). The FBI turned it over to the BATF. During the next 10 days, every single package we shipped, was intercepted by the folks doing the investigation. We were not told about the investigation, or the package interceptions until October 28th. I spent the next three days in court, in meetings, and on the road, having to prove that these are plastic toys. In the meantime, my people were scrambling to try to get replacement guns made and out. The case was dropped. We have to paint the tips of the gun orange (you can easily repaint them once you have it). However, we won't get our seized property back for up to 30 days. We are casting new guns as we speak, as replacements, and the new ones (Generation 2) have more features and accessories than the first gen., so we are sure you will be happy with them. I owe a huge apology to those of you that needed them by Halloween. We did our best to get over this hurtle, but just didn't have the time to get them done and out. Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments. I am sorry I couldn't e-mail people back over the last few days, but I had to be in court to get this stupidity resolved.Thanks

Some people (mothers) are just THAT DUMB. As a 20 year old with a legitimate Paypal account I was a little pissed but I guess I'll enjoy the Gen 2.
wow, that sux that it is late but i wonder what the gen 2 will look like? post pics when you get plz
Wow, that sucks!

I think it's weird that she'd go through all that before finding out it wasn't real...
Hmmmmmmmm..... I don't will buy a Halo Prop from Ebay because, for a simple reason, there are a LOTTTT of Fake thing for halo costume , props, etc...

I'm sorry for you if it's a fake auction...
whoever this mother is, she is obviously a "RETARD", if she has to call it a "machine gun", seriously, you can just tell how smart people these days are when they can't even tell what's service issue and whats not, last time I checked, our military doesn't have bull-pup configured assault rifles, made from plastics that anyone with half a brain can tell aren't combat-worthy or capable of standing up to the rigors of combat just by feeling them. Not to mention that the built in LED doesn't do anything but display a friggen ammo count, which doesn't change no matter how many times you pull the trigger and displays 30+ rounds with no ammo in it. which also isn't being done now a-days.

Whowever this seller is, they should file a law-suit against the mother, against the fbi, and against all these other tards, just sue em all and get some money.

I know I sound pretty mean with that statement, but I am getting sick and tired of hearing stories like these (not neccessarily about props) where people freak out in their dumbness over a toy, don't properly check if it's a toy before making a big deal, and ruin everyones day. If this keeps up, don't be surprised if national security shows up at your door in black suits and sun-glasses asking about that funny-looking toy gun you got at wal-mart, and why your child is pointing it around.

Huzzah for gen-2 at least, I wanted to order that prop of ebay actually, decided not to since I got no money saved up at the moment lol, didn't see this coming at all.
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