Dorming Student 3dp Setup (College/University Friendly)


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Hello, I live roughly an hour to an hour and a half away from my university, so I brought my printer up after I chose a suitable place. My idea for this thread is to show how I chose everything I did, and how I think it could be helpful to any members in college, soon to be going, or anyone in a cramped living space thats shared with others.

1st, I got familiar with my environment. I was going to be living in a suite with 5 others. There would be 3 doubles, and a common living space. This means I would share a room with 1 other person. Our rooms came with 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 nightstands, 2 closets and 1 fridge/microwave combo. On top of that was whatever else I wanted to bring to college, which was a lot. This boiled down to my pc rig, 2 containers for impershibles, cookware, and extra supplies. I also have other clubs to join. So I used more space for my fencing and kendo gear. Lastly I had a lockbox for important items.

2nd, you need to find a home for everything. First order of business here is to take all of the dimensions down. How wide is each foot from one another, and how wide is the printer itself its widest point. Will the xy axis position change these measurements at all, and how does your z axis look for your placement. Then, everything else. I put a lot of the stuff I had under my bed, some on top of my dresser, and other stuff on my upper shelf in my closet. *You'll need to think about where the printer is going, how it will interact with its surroundings. **Will it be prone to getting into an accident, is there a vent blowing hot/cold air directly at it, will it disturb anyone at night, and how accessible is it?
People in my dorm are accident prone, no 2 ways about it. This meant i needed to find a concealed space that was appropriate for all of these conditions.

3rd, set up your area completely, void the printer. Place everything out and see how large your actual environment is. If everything still looks good, great! If not, you might need to go back to the drawing board. *Make Sure that your filament role won't be blocked by your placement, and that you're close enough to a plug to run it, it would suck for everything to be ready, you go to plug it in, and realize there's no plug nearby.

4th, placing the printer, and tuning it to make sure the everything is in order. Don't want to go straight into a build, waiting hours for it to finish, only to realize that its just barely not the right size for what you need.

5th, optimizing the area around your printer, and making sure that there is no obvious risk of malfunctions. For this, I taped the powerstrip to the nightstand I set my printer on, made a waste bin for scrap filament and build failures. In the nightstand I keep my extra filament roles, my 3dp electronic components, and other small parts in my top drawer. I also hung a pouch with more frequently used tools above my printer, and made sure I could close my closet so I could isolate it from everything as much as possible. Lastly, I put a grow light I use for my venus fly trap to light up the area and help keep the heat in.

This was just my process for it, and I figured it would help hopefully a few people in similar situations. Let me know if I should clean anything up to make it an easier read and whatnot, but I'm on a timelimit as my phone is about to die. Any tips or comments would be great!


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good morning, i´d recommend you posting upcoming stuff abt your 3d printer under this thread. just use the reply button under your post to add for example your finished canister instead of starting a new thread. by doing so all your progress can be found on one page c:
Thats a good point, once I finish the next step, I might record it down here, but this was originally just meant to be a mini guide for how to safely keep your printer at college/uni. Or i might just upload all of the completed works onto here so it has all of my builds chronologically finished.

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