Making T-Shirts for - Need Ideas

What size shirt do you wear?

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they'd be black stripes... and again, we can't put that photo on here, we don't own the rights.
Somehow I pictured the new logo on a plain black T shirt.

The white 'mjolnir' in the logo may not show up that well on a white Tee.

My wife is a printmaker who works for a custom Shirt company, I guess i have inherited her critical eye for this stuff.
Maybe a bolder outline around the text would help it pop...but I'd actually prefer black anyway.

It's slimming. :mrgreen:
Im thinking Black shirts like this

Make us looks like a well to do group and fansy
if we did polos, then, we'd need to do embroidery, and it would cost more. The logo wouldn't look real great that small with embroidery either, it'd have to be simplified.

One of the reasons shirts are being made, is to get the word out about this site. So T-shirts are important to have.

Polos might be reserved for "staff" members.
I think T-shirts would be better as long as they are good quality T-shirts not like those super thin shirts that come five to a pack at wall-mart.
I can order both, but polos will be more.

I've been ordering t-shirts for 3 years and they are all great quality. Better than what you'd get almost anywhere.
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