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What size shirt do you wear?

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To help get the word out about I'm going to get some T-shirts made up that I can either sell for super super cheap, or give away.

I need some smart ideas on what we could put on it that would not contain any copyrighted material.

something like:

"Spartans Never Die"


"Everything's better in Mjolnir Armor"


"I'm the last hope for humanity"


" Its pronounced MEE - YOLE - NEAR "

something smart and catchy, ... in other words something totally opposite of what I've just typed up here.
Lol i like the evrrythings better quote and sign me up on that shirt list baby. :dee:

you ganna put any picture on it or jsut a web url and quote?
He, I like the last two, very funny. What we need is a logo, simple yet catchy, to put on the place over the heart, where the pocket would be if there was one. Send me a shirt once they're ready ;-) I'll pay whatever you ask (so long as cash in an envelope is good, I don't have paypal, a credit card, or checks) :cry1:
or, "i outwitted an ancient ai construct, obliterated an alien fleet, and saved humanity from certain destruction and all I got with this stupid t-shirt"
thats funny.......kinda a off topic but sorta on, i have a vinyl cutter and i can make logos and website stickers, just to give you a heads up
i was going to get them professionally screened from a shop i work with.
Spartan 021 said:
not to contradick S+M=O but i think tee's witht he pocket kinda stink :Steve:
Which is why I said "If there was one" ;-)
I really like Adam's last suggestion the "I outwitted an ancient AI constoct etc." one, but you might wanna hold off on the "saved Humanity" part until the game ships. You never know, everyone might get pwned.

To stick with the clasic "and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" Theme:

My parents went to ONYX and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
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T Shirts

My suggestions for sayings on the shirts;

"Mjolnir Armor: One size fits all"

"Spartans never die, they just get their armor upgraded"

"Press X to re-cast"

On the logo ideas, maybe we should have a contest to design the image that goes on the shirts? That would be cool! It'd really be into submitting...
You should totally sell them here, or maybe make them available to members only.

I always liked the 'tuxedo tee' that bungie makes;idproduct=391
It's a shame they already did that one. I'd wear mine every day if I could :rock:
i'll have to draw them up in coral depends how much detail i want to put into it....maybe a few hours
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