MarkVII undersuit attempt (WIP with pictures)

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by eckoe17, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    I will post in detail when I finished everything, but I will give you the details i have atm:

    First I took apart a commercial CO2 Jet for festivals of a friend and found out it is a quite simple desing. In the middle is a noozle with multiple holes. Surrounded by a ring of metal. (I can send you or post an improvised sectional drawing). Behind the the nozzle and inside the metal ring are multiple holes, which are there to let fresh (and moistured) air inside. The air gets cooled down to create a white fog. I will try tro color this fog red with a ring of high power LED's.

    So I managed to get some diesel injection nozzles and connected one with a 12g CO2 capsule, but the capsule lastet only one "shot" but it looks quite impressing. Now Im planning to hook the nozzle up with a 88g paintball Co2 bottle and an on of vent controlled by a servo or stepper motor.

    The most difficult thing is to get hold of suitable injection nozzles. The spare parts are mostly the complete injector and cost around 100€. I am in the lucky position to work for a automotive company so I managed to get some nozzles as individual parts.

    If you can find the nozzles, the rest is easy. Maybe I can organise two more and send them to you. But I still have a small problem. I need flexible high pressure tubes and since the nozzles do not have a connection thread i am still looking for a long lasting way to connect the stainless steel nozzles with rubber tubes. I am open for suggestions.

    If you want, I can post some pictures of the nozzles so you know, what you are looking for. Let me know, if you need more information. :)
  2. EVAkura

    EVAkura RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    That sounds really cool. I might need a drawing or photos for a bit more detail, but your explanation has provided me with a lot of information. I would think I can get fuel injectors for really cheap at my local recycling yard, and would use some high pressure propane line I have lying around as well as the proper connectors to hook everything up. I would just then need to figure out the nozzle part that brings in moisture enriched oxygen to create the "fog" bit.

    Yeah, if you could, post some photos please, and thanks!
  3. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Hi guys,

    that thing takes longer than expected, but I now am finished with most of the suit parts and now I am sewing them together and finally I can show you some more progress.

    Most of the time was spent to redesign my cooling unit and to hide all necessary tubes for cables and coolant. The back part is a little non symetric but I will adjust that with the final stitches.

    I also figured a way out to harden my printed or pepped armor parts with extremely hard expamding foam, but I am looking for someone who has already made somemexperience with that and can give me some tips or no gos.

    As awlways: Any feedback or critics are welcome. :)

    2015-02-20 22.18.52.jpg

    2015-02-20 22.17.49.jpg
  4. ErMaC


    That looks fantastic. That under suit is perfect for what you need it for. I haven't seen anything like this with the detail you have. A true one of a kind build. Great job.
  5. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Thank you.

    I am working on it every day now to get it finished for Haloween. I also want to try a mix of 2 part expandig foam (the really strong one) and 3D print to make the armor parts as good as possible.
    Dies anyone of you already have experience with the foams from alumilite?
  6. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Im not sure if to ressurect this thread or to start a new one. Advice from officers are welcome :)

    I bet u guys thought I went MIA.... Well I kind of did. But Im back with progress. Finally ;)

    And I come to you with a question I've been breaking my head over. In the last image is the side part of the hip where the Pistol kind of is fixed to (the part currently made of EVA-foam)
    Im simply not satisfied with the material. I want to fix magnets on the inside to attach the pistol there and I want it to be visually pleasing. I tried multiple variants of soft rubber and EVA, but nothing fits the bill. All suggestions are welcome.

    The electronics are coming good along too. I finally got my hand on good video glasses to be put under the helmet which offer good vision and augmentation with all kind of info. But you surely dont want of picture of that because its just pcbs on a table with a camera and the glasses.

    build log so far:
    ~2100hours of work on that thing. (inclusive the (so far made) armor parts which are partially made with metal, 3D-print and peps (with kraftplex material).

    What do you think?

    IMG_20170614_210919.jpg IMG_20170614_211009.jpg IMG_20170614_211230.jpg IMG_20170614_211237.jpg
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  7. vshore100


    This looks fantastic! I'd say just keep going in this thread since it after all you who started it. Good to see you back at it!
  8. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Yes looks awesome!!! Looks warm too
  9. Dirtdives


    @eckoe17 undersuit look super cool!!! Very Papeesheewoosh!! Any way, as far as continuing this's yours.......just like @vshore100 said, you started it. Now concerning the area where you want to have magnets hold your pistol.....if foam isn't working....try fabric like a pleather or some other type of vinyl.
  10. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Thanks guys. New motivation helps. Thanks for the tip with fabric. Ill give it a try.

    Regarding the pistol mount I had the idea to use expandable softfoam covert in plastidip. One more chance to get it perfect. :)

    Big setback on the armour parts though. :( After I made the chest I realised I am still (with the suit on also) not in the shape of the Spartan armour and the parts just look deplaced. I studied reference photos but I just cant get the parts to fit the shape of the suit.

    So i decided to not try getting the shape by trial and error and made a 3D scan of the suit. I then tried to fit the armor digitally to my suit. The results are not as pleasing as I hoped they would be. (base is the pep model from here)

    I need to shrink the armor a lot more in the x Axis (in the first picture from left to right) as in the other axes and now it looks still weird, but if I make it any wider, the part under my arms is just too wide (as if masterchief has more belly scope than on the shoulders)

    I made screenshots of the result. I really need your help here guys. I dont want to have an undersuit without a nice armor to complete it. I'm quite desperate right now how to find a fiiting set of armour parts.

    If you want I can upload the 3D files, so somebody can also have a try with it.
    scaling_try_front.png scaling_try_side.png
  11. Dirtdives


    What is the armor being made out of....or did I miss that little bit? If it's could have a hard time getting the fit right....If foam then you could alter it by either adding or removing a bit of the foam and then reattaching. I have done a lot of splicing on to my chest piece to get it to the correct size so I know that could work for you.
  12. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    At the moment I'm planning on using Kraftplex, which is some type of cardboard but soft and bend/shapeable. It behaves a lot like foam if you make it wet/hot. Maybe a little comparable with worbla, but a lot stronger (like maetal almost) if you infuse it with epoxy.

    I thought about scaling the pep model in 3D and adjusting the pep files to my need. Then pep it in a way between foam and paper. Should work, but I've never done it before (much like sewing^^)

    But I need it to look good in 3D, because then it should look almost the same in real
  13. Dirtdives

    Dirtdives are using a material I have not the knowledge nor experience in.........sorry. But if your sewing skills are any indication of how your suit will come out......I think you'll be fine.
  14. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Thank you. At the moment the most I need is your opinion if the 3D screenshots look fitting to you or your recommendations on how I should alter the scaling. (f.e. if I should make it a little wider, taller,....)
  15. Dirtdives


    it looks ok but there is a huge difference between a 3D screen shot and an actual suit. I think that the chest piece is slightly off It needs to be a degree or 3 counterclockwise and the ab plate a bit to the left.
  16. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    ok here is the next scaling attempt. looks promising to me what do you think guys?
    I thought i just shrink/cut the part under the arms when i have the raw outlines pepped.

    Its 1,188 times the scale of the pep file.

    Does it look good?

    scaling_try_front2.png scaling_try_side2.png
  17. mblackwell1002


    I think it needs to be a little bit smaller. It looks a little bit too wide, I think your old scale was pretty good. It needs to be snug.
  18. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    ok done. Cant go any smaller now as you can see with the helmet. Does it fit now?
    Remember ill push the belly part to be snug (but i cant do it digitally)

  19. mblackwell1002


    It still looks a little bit too wide around the hips. It will be super uncomfortable to wear if it's too wide. The belly part is not the issue.

    Right now, your torso is digging into your arms in the model. I understand it's digital, but it will be nearly impossible to rest your arms comfortably. Scale it down 3-4% and it should fit nicely.

    also, what construction method are you going to use for the armor?
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  20. Dirtdives


    I agree w/ @mblackwell1002 on the digging in to arms issue. Can you trim that section only?
  21. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    3% did the trick. Fits nicely now. Tomorrow I get the new CO2 Canisters and nozzles for the jet engines. :whistle:Im so excited....:whistle:

    Co2 fog engines with about 5W of red lights to colour the "exhaust gas"
  22. Dirtdives


    Before you do so, I would check w/ whatever con you are going to and see if this is ok w/ their security. Some cons do not allow propellants. It didn't register in my brain that you were using a CO2 cartridge.....That, in of itself, may not be allowed. Now you didn't mention a con so then this may not apply.....but it is a cool idea.
  23. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    I have two versions of the backside attachements. One for Cooling only and one for the CO2 jets. I checked with all the cons I want to attend. A few of them dont allow anything (including 3d printed weapon props) but the others told me its ok. They only prohibit "pyro-propellants or effects".
    They were more concerned about the dry-ice cooling system and that I could smuggle my own beverages/alcohol in them. o_O
  24. Dirtdives


    Oh yeah we thought of those cooling systems........unfortunately they would need constant refilling........keep drinking the tank dry........*hick* ....and then overheat......*hick*
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  25. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Tonight I try the first batch of the chest with the Kraftplex material. Tried to bend it today... Hard like sheet metal, but if it soaks water it gets soft like butter till it is dry again. Seems like heaven to me.
    Only downside: It needs to be cut with a lasercutter. Pepakura and dxf are not the best friends.

    Ill call my system the "boozecooler" complete with a 10 gallon keg in a carrycart to pull along. Every con will be like: :cool::);):eek::confused::sick:.
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