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MarkVII undersuit attempt (WIP with pictures)

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by eckoe17, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Hi guys,

    After the troubles with my last MKVII undersuit I decided to take more effort this time and try to create a as accurate as possible undersuit.

    After a short search I found some pretty good reference pics which I will try to copy as good as possible.


    Due to the condition that my body is from the "skinnier" type I decided to buy a "bodybuilder carneval costume body" and on this I am adding foam patterns for the seperated parts of the undersuit.


    In the picture above, I already created some cutting templates and already tried the fitting of some foam parts.

    After a weekend of heavy sewing (including a seroius amount of "self stitches" I finaly can present you a first preview of how it will look like:


    There is still a lot to do and I will attach heavy duty press fastenings for the armor parts and printed hard plastic parts/tubes for the details.

    One of the major problems will be the massive heat inside this thing, but I have found a mobile, ice powered liquid cooling vest, which I will wear underneath the suit. This will provide about 2-3 hours of cooling per ice package. The ice packages are changeable by a second person and it takes about 3min to change them

    What do you think about this attempt? Any suggestions for improvement?

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  2. EVAkura

    EVAkura RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    STUNNING!!!!! I will be watching this for sure!
  3. cha0skn1ght


    I hadn't even thought about getting one of those costumes and using it as a base! Great idea!
    Subbed :)
  4. axmaxwell


    its looking pretty good. I had a post about this last week actually, im just not in a position to do any work on a suit.
  5. Lerris Galiron

    Lerris Galiron

    Where on Earth did you get that hex patterned fabric? I have been looking everywhere for something like that!
  6. TomcatHeavy

    TomcatHeavy New Member

    Getting seams like that, by hand or otherwise, is amazing! The way you've blended the organic lines together works exceptionally well, and looks very professional. The only other thought I have is that an entire suit out of that foam will be as hot as...two rats in a wool sock. ;) But by the look it will be entirely worth it.
  7. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Thank you guys.

    @Lerris: I got the fabric from a german shop. If you wish I can send you the Link per PM, but I'm not sure, if they shipe outside the EU.

    At least, there is some progress. I am still thinking of the best optical and functional mounting for the armor parts. Maybe you have some ideas. It should be sewable and it has to look very identical to "real system".

    The middle part is actually not complete symetric but it is quite impossible to get it more accurate by hand (for me).

    Critic is everytime welcome :)


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    That is very, very awesome! The fabric is perfect, and the overall concept works really well. I am glad to see that something like this can be done. Can't wait to see the final product.
  9. Lerris Galiron

    Lerris Galiron

    I would love that link eckoe17! Thank you very much!
  10. morkar78


    Me too!!!Me too!!!

    It's an amazing job! well done....Please, send me the link as well
  11. gin tekidan

    gin tekidan New Member

    I wouldnt even worry about the symmetry, it already looks really really good. hot, maybe, but the look is awesome comin along very nicely
  12. cha0skn1ght


    That's looking awesome!

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  13. Chainsaw ninja

    Chainsaw ninja Jr Member

    Very impressive
  14. vshore100


    I'm loving the look of this so far. :D
  15. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Back again :)

    I am currently working on the silver/black tubes and the biceps part, I have to try different shapes and fabrics to find the right one.

    do you guys can give me some advice how I can design a good mounting for the shoulder shield of the Mark VII? I still dont have a good solution.

    Also I am still looking for a high poly 3D model of MarkVII Master Chief for my 3D printer. For the last armor I tried the pep 3D files, but they are ways to low poly. After printing all the edges are totally visible and sanding makes ist worse.

  16. EVAkura

    EVAkura RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Issues I can see you might be concerned with:

    The part moving around and not staying where it belongs
    Simple strapping having to be so tight it cuts off the circulation to your arm

    If these are your concerns, the best solution I can come up with right off the top of my head is a "cross" made of EVA built into your undersuit. The ends of the horizontal planes will wrap around your arm and connect to each other (hot glue). The vertical will go from just below the joint of your arm and shoulder, and down to just shy of your elbow. Doing this will stabilize anything you would attach to the EVA. I am thinking nylon strapping with a quick release buckle on the end, and the other end attached to your shoulder armor.

    If what I just described does not make sense, let me know and I will draw something up for you.
  17. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    More progess:

    I have figured out a way to "simulate the bicep parts of the suit. I've put three layers of foam in a special shape an covered them with boxing pretape.After that I sewed a black "function fabric" over it.

    I am sorry for the bad photo quality I will upload better ones when the parts are sewed in place and not hold down by pins. What do you think?




    @EvaKura: Thanks for the idea. I will try a 3D printed cross under the foam and hex fabric. I hope this is enough.

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  18. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member


    I finished the belly part. Almost 10 hours of sewing work ran into this thing. Its a shame, that the round shape of f.e. the breast muscles are not noticeable on the picture. BoB(the mannekin) is quite happy about this thing and me too. I am still not sure how to make the parts which cover the bellybutton. Maybe EVA-foam but then it could be to stiff or two or three cm of foam instead of 1 like i did with the bicep parts.

    What do you think?

    Maybe i will paint the sewed lines black for a better contrast or shouldn't I?


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  19. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Foam sewing without fabric is possible to achieve good structures :)

    I have finished the belly part and the forearms in the meanwhile. Don't be confused by the open parts at the forearms, these are reservated for zip ties. :)

    Currently I'm working on the back, but it is soooo hard to make it good looking AND dressable. It will be a huge try, but the next pictures will be me wearing this part. Then I will know how much mistakes I made :)


    Maybe I need to color the body layer but I will know after I sewed the parts together.

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  20. blueofhills

    blueofhills New Member

    Amazing Simply amazing. now I am wishing I would Have Learned to Sew. this will look awesome when done.
  21. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    Thank you :)

    Funny fact: I newer learned to sew. It is my first attempt in this field. You would see that immediately if you could see the seams on the inside :)
  22. Zero 071

    Zero 071

    looks amazing! Unfortunately I could never wear something like that to a con where I live, Phoenix az, and con is in june... its already 100+ by then, just armor is plenty hot
  23. colbs


    That's why you make a water cooling system in your suit
  24. eckoe17

    eckoe17 New Member

    I dont know if I should make a new thread for the electronic and colling parts of the suit, but as a preview:

    The finished system will include:
    Water cooled vest powered by dry ice (stored between my back and the backplate of the armor).
    Voice changer hosted on an FPGA
    Gesture controlled (MYO) LEDs and sound
    CO2 powered "jet engines" on the back.

    And no these are not planned, I am already building them. I tested the jet engines two days ago and they worked like charm, but i still need to simplify everything to fit it inside the MKVII.

  25. EVAkura

    EVAkura RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Ahh, please go into detail a bit on this if you care to share... If it's not crazy difficult or expensive, I may be interested in implementing this on my jetpack
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