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Master Cheif Disguise Helmet Review

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by FirstPick, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. FirstPick


    I don't know if you guys have seen these yet, but they're popping up online and at Halloween stores.

    I grabbed this one from Hot Topic for $35.
    It's a full helmet. A FULL HELMET for $35.

    It's big enough for everybody. I have a large head and there's plenty of room. There's a single foam layer already on the inside that could be removed easily if you needed to pad it better or needed extra room.
    My only complaint regarding size is your chin/jaw shows too much.

    The helmet is casted using a flexible plastic. It's very hard and sturdy but has some flex and give to keep it safe from bumps.

    There's very little detail in the paint job as it's casted using GREEN plastic. They added some silver wear, but it's done quickly and cheaply. I'll do my own after.

    The extra details are all there. This thing is perfect. I could complain that the top is a little flat and the helmet should be more vertical, but that's nitpicking.

    The visor is A+. I only wish it had the hexagonal pattern. It is very clear to see. It's vacuformed and has a chrome/gold finish. This is exactly like the $70 ones sold on ETSY.

    Overall, you cannot beat the price and quality. Take this as a starter kit and add your own lights and personal paint details and you'll have yourself an unbeatable helmet for the price.
  2. FirstPick


    Cant believe i spelled "chief" wrong in the title
  3. kilroyactual117


    I am so using one of these for airsoft. Can you link a website where I can buy one?
  4. peterthethinker


    OH I would NOT do that ........ Of all body parts the head is kinda important. .
    Look . If you were to paintball with the DOT rated one I might not worry as much , but that is Really thin plastic ,,
    Please don't do it .
    Ive seen HALO MC airsoft rated ones for 100-170 USD...

    Sorry Firstpick. I dont mean to De-rail the thread.

    Per the 35 USD thing
    I might have to get one * just cause * ..
    One can never have to many helmets ! can they?
    Heck the visor alone might be worth to pluck out of it.
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  5. Burt


    I also grabbed one of these helmets. I really like it, especially for $30, you can't beat that price! I plan to repaint mine and use it if I ever do a H4/H5 build. My only nitpicky complaint is that it seems kind of.. lopsided? But with the rubberish material its made out of, you can easily adjust it to get it straight.

    I had the issue of my nose rubbing against the inside, but thats easily fixed with some padding (and pressing the sides to elongate the helmet a bit). This also fits my BFs giant head, which is also a plus!

    The vision for me is not the best. As a wearer of glasses its a bit tricky to get it on with glasses on.. but if you put it on at the right angle, its easily doable.

    This is an absolute great base for a helmet, I'll give them that! If you order it from Amazon (at least for me) it was delivered faster than what they told me.

    Depending on your head size, there is room for some electronics as well. With how close your nose is to the visor, it really needs fans!

    gMv4o6p.jpg RWWOsRt.jpg

    (and some pics from my end)
  6. blackout11c


    Interesting find. I can see how something like that would remove the hassle of making a GEN2 Mk VI helmet, but as you said it'll still need a lot of touching up afterwards.

    As an experienced airsofter, that is a very bad idea. I know from testing assorted items that things like this basically disintergrate when shot at with a 0.2g BB at 300 fps.
  7. FirstPick


    I didn't want to order mine online because I figured the helmet could deform if laid/packaged incorrectly for a long time. So I went to pick the best one out from the store.
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  8. FirstPick



    And you're right, Peter. You can't have too many helmets
  9. kilroyactual117


    Yeah, true. Maybe I could reinforce it or something. I'd definite have to strip the visor out as it wouldn't last very long. Oh well.
  10. peterthethinker


    visited the local hot topic here in Eugene. And tried on the helmet. It is absolutely amazing how good it is for the price.. And the vision looking out is stellar.....
  11. vincentallen2

    vincentallen2 Jr Member

    For those of you who have bought the helmet, or seen it up close, what extra details do you think need to be added to the helmet? Other than lights and extra padding, of course.

    Howre you guys planning to fix the slight warping/lopsided-ness? With a blow dryer or just bondo?

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  12. Meatwad

    Meatwad Jr Member

    It seems too flimsy to use bondo... or at least that's what i gather from the people who have described it. Bondo is very hard and brittle and if this helmet flexes in the least bit, the bondo will crack and crumble. Burt said you can adjust it, so it doesn't seem like a permanent issue.

    Well, that's my 2 cents. I'm considering getting one too, but my head is massive. Like much, much bigger than average.
  13. Bob Rosland

    Bob Rosland

    Neat, I was waiting for someone to review one of these. Definitely something you could just reinforce with fiberglass or strategically placed chunks of styrene and have a really great helmet.

    The entire visor is translucent, right? Not like the old Rubies Halo 3 Chief helmet?
  14. vincentallen2

    vincentallen2 Jr Member

    You might want to check out this review. It shows difference between the rubies helmet and the disguise helmet. The newer one is definitely a better buy.

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  15. GStam66

    GStam66 New Member

    Just bought one online, hoping it's as good as everyone says. :)
  16. vincentallen2

    vincentallen2 Jr Member

    I bought mine yesterday from hot topic. It's built well for the price you pay ($34.50). There are quality differences between each helmet. You definitely have to look at each one to find the best out of the bunch.

    If your trying to buy one in California from Hot topic, I recommend that you call before you go to the store, because only 4 out of 10 stores had them, and only 2 to 3 helmets per store. Hottopic.com is sold out too.

    I went to a shop named "Halloween" and they had the same helmets but for $11 more.

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  17. Bigbearwayne


    Got mine yesterday in the mail. Let's say it need a little work. Any recommendations on removing the visor?


    Attached Files:

  18. FirstPick


  19. Bigbearwayne


    Funny you should say that. Just got home from work exchanging it and found a better one. Just need a little touch up.


    Attached Files:

  20. FirstPick


  21. kaimbell90


    I picked one up as well. Repainted and added motorcycle helmet padding
    mc helmet 1.jpeg
    mc helmet 2.jpeg
  22. Corweena

    Corweena Jr Member

    Just picked up one as well. Because for $35 why not? I called all the Hot Topics in my area, and only 1 store had it....although they had like 8 left lol. I have a large head (7 5/8 hat size, and it fits, albeit a bit snug. Gonna give it a fresh repaint, and use until I can get a high quality raw cast to do myself.
  23. SpartanVctrchvr

    SpartanVctrchvr New Member

    Hey what is padding did you use ?
  24. IshidaRyusei


    Might have to invest in one if the money allows and I stumble upon one. Seems like a good alternative if I end up too lazy to make my own XD or even just for repaint purposes and personal mods.
  25. CommanderPalmer


    I have a question - does anyone of you have both helmets - the adult and child sized?
    Or at least the smaller child sized?
    Does it fit a smaller adult person's head too?

    What is the smaller helmet on the far right?

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