Disguise ultra Prestige Master Chief Costume


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Has anyone actually seen this in person? Is any part of it useful.?

I have a bonus coming so id like to spend it usefully..:)

Failing that, can anyone recommend a decent base kit?


The Helmet is a bit "squished" out of proportion and the undersuit has been described as very much like padded pajamas. The armor itself is not bad, the plastic is just very thin.

If you decide to go with it, plan on getting a new helmet, undersuit, and reinforcing the armor.

As for kits, unlike other Fandoms there are not a lot of "Kit" makers out there for Halo costumes, in the sense that Kit means a sort of Mass Produced ready to assemble set of armor.

Sean Bradley sells an excellent ODST kit, and we have several vendors of Resin Cast helmets, but beyond that Halo costumes tend to be Do It Yourself or 1 off commissions. There's a lot reasons for this, the sheer variety of Halo armor, the fact that it was predominantly digital assets and as such not as easy to reproduce as a costume that was mass produced for film or television.

Regardless, outside of the commercial products like the Disguise Halo 4 or the Rubies Halo 3, or Sean's ODST Kit, it is best to plan on commissioning an armor set, if you do not want to go down the DIY route, which is perfectly fine.
Ive started suits three times over the last couple years. Each time *something* has conspired to end the run. Leaky shed roof, a shed fire next door and lastly a car crashing into my shed.
I think MaxImpactGaming has one (2nd from the right)

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