MC dimensions measurement tool


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innerrayg said:
So, how much do I need to bribe you with to get this tool working for all the other bipeds in the game?
No offense but everyone already knows that the full helmet scale for the John-117 is 32.5cm, 26 is an average scale for us users...
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flying_squirl said:
ohhh, look where you are!!! front page no less!
:eek: Wow, I'm shaken :)

Finnish_Spartan said:
(can you adjust the chiefs height?)
I realized just now that I can to build individual size models on demand :)
Just give me desired MC height in cm or inches and after some time I'll give a link to file prepared for this size. :)
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bevbor said:
Somebody have found already little funny thing on the back of MC model? :)
First discoverer will got teh dancinkitteh :)
There is a Bevbor Armory part number and serial number plate!

Also a warning.
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Thanks alot man this will help tremendously with the task i have in front of me, I'm trying to make a metal version of the armor, except the helmet I'm prob going to modify a motorcycle helmet for that. but thts a great file thanks man.


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oh and the serial plate on the back, clever lol.

is tht avatar from a really old really bad james bond, it looks familiar but im not sure.


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Spartan 051 said:
Is there a way to import other models in this software?
No way to "just import models", man. Many of them already imported in pepakura, but do not give such detalisation as solid body models I trying to build.
Here is ingame mesh

and here is my model

Do you feel the difference? :)
In game mesh contain only flat only triangle surfaces. All the details are only on the texture picture.
In my model you cannot find even only one triangular surface. It is built as 3D solid body with all details in real 3D. From scratch - using only given size parameters and reference pictures.

Edit: additional progress photo
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Glennz said:
How do i actually use it? o_O
All it can offer to you - to determine the distance between two points defined by you or length of some edge.
Activate the measurement tool in left pane (by way as you can see on picture in the first post of the thread) and that's all.

Edit: actually you can also measure distance between any planar surfaces too.
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Ok don't want to drag up something that maybe somewhere else but here it goes.
First off the program is really nice, I understand about measuring between two defined points. I guess my question becomes, lets say I am 5'11" in hieght. Armour is scaled for John 117 who is like 7 feet tall. Most folks have to scale down of course. How does one take measurements from your cool model and apply it to scaling the pep files. Sorry again if this is a repeat. The program is awesome.