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ive started working on my mc helmet becuase it looks like the power is going to stay on this time, ive missed a whole week of school and it looks like where not going monday either. Well im gonna post some pics of it somtime. I just have the first layer on (frame or somthin') and im going go over it with detail and reinforce it. Im trying to get my headphones in there somehwere. Probally just gonna hotglue them.
dude dont miss school

just work on it when u can after school

believe me school sucks but its good in the long run
Anyone got any helpful pics of the top of helmet. pref. top down of their helmet so I can se depth and shadow. and one 3q view. I am working on the top part now and I want to get every angle as close to the actual as possible.








2nd that. Those are the best refernce pics for those angles I have ever seen.

Doom, you've done it again! :mrgreen:
They would be better, but bungie is lazy and lets the bitmaps do all the work ingame and get the chief to look pretty. The actual detail on the geometry on the chief is pretty low. They wanna have models low poly when ingame, but look good. What you see there is just a bump map on the model which is pretty much a hightmap that reacts with light around the model to be viewed as actual geomety but it isnt. Then you the the Diffuse map of the chief and the bump map on in the pictures I showed.

Thats why I didn't show just a plain geometery because you wouldent get anything out of it ;-) .

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