Microsoft hit with $5 million lawsuit over Halo 3, Xbox 360 problems

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well i guess some people are going to far... you have to check this one...

..."The suit alleges that Halo 3 "routinely, consistently, and systematically 'froze,' 'crashed,' or 'locked up.'" The suit then claims that these issues "disrupted game play," which, if these issues are as terrible or widespread as the suit alleges, is an understatement. The plaintiff, Randy Nunez, is seeking seeking class-action status along with $5 million in damages plus costs and attorneys' fees. "...

here is the link for more:
Who said he was asking for five million? If you read the lawsuit (available at he's suing for 'repair or replacement' for himself and any others who are affected under the class action. So... in effect he's not asking for money he's asking for Microsoft to address the issue with the game and fix it... He want's them to fix the game so everyone who paid for it gets what they paid for.

He's not asking for cash... he's asking for Halo 3 to work reliably in the 360, the way it was sold as. Pretty reasonable considering that Halo 3 made over $170 million in it's first 24 hours...

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