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Figure this wont count as a necropost. I've read all the unit breakdowns. How do you get into a regiment though? I'm in Kansas, US.
About 2/3 of the way down the Membership FAQ, the process is broken down in detail, but all Regimental Membership requires is an account that is over 90 days old and having at least 50 posts, and those posts should be of a substantial, on topic, nature. That's it!


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Nic Strike, checking in :)

If you added me on FB and I didn't add back, just shoot me a message so I know you're 405th.


405th Regiment Officer
I already got a few people I met at HOD Chicago on FB, but I can be found on there by Brandon Buck, from Chicago.

Currently working on the 90/50 requirement after having a good amount of people push me to the 405th. Looking forward to the Chicago area cons next year!
Ill keep an eye on you RookBartly and. ScubaCCS for when you hit the requirements!