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Discussion in 'Midwest Regiment' started by FANGS, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Lemonade

    Lemonade Member

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    Hey! I'm Rachel.
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  2. ErMaC

    ErMaC Well-Known Member

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    D. Nicklas reporting for duty.
  3. Cptins8n087

    Cptins8n087 Jr Member

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    Scott Shuttleworth reporting as ordered
  4. Bigbearwayne

    Bigbearwayne Jr Member

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    Wayne Larsen checking in
  5. NoMaybeYes

    NoMaybeYes Member

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    Spencer from Michigan!!!
  6. chase314

    chase314 New Member

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    Chase from Illinois
  7. JSnellArt

    JSnellArt New Member

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  8. sassmaster

    sassmaster New Member

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    Checking in! This is Aj
  9. Sentri

    Sentri Member

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    Caos Highwind on facebook. (Not real name for family reasons).
  10. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins Jr Member

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    Andy Helgeland from Northern Illinois here checking in
  11. Fllschrimjager

    Fllschrimjager Jr Member

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    Michael Koenig From outside Chicago Checking in
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  12. KRI667

    KRI667 Jr Member

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    Kris, checking in
  13. CrimsonViper97

    CrimsonViper97 Member

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    Just got permissions! This is Eddie.
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  14. Spidermonkey60

    Spidermonkey60 Member

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    Andrew Danforth standing by

    IG: ajdwardrobearmory & thewardrobearmory
    FB: The War-Drobe Armory
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  15. mkshane81

    mkshane81 Well-Known Member

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    I have absolutely no idea how I missed this.

    Checking in.
    Matthew Shane from Ohio.
    FB: Matthew Shane and Salamander Armory
  16. Lowcone494

    Lowcone494 Jr Member

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    Does this count as reviving a dead thread?
    Checking in, Matt from Ohio. I see there is another Matt above me.
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  17. Reaper07

    Reaper07 Member

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    Figure this wont count as a necropost. I've read all the unit breakdowns. How do you get into a regiment though? I'm in Kansas, US.
  18. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer & RCO Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

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    About 2/3 of the way down the Membership FAQ, the process is broken down in detail, but all Regimental Membership requires is an account that is over 90 days old and having at least 50 posts, and those posts should be of a substantial, on topic, nature. That's it!
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  19. mumgoot

    mumgoot Member

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    Andrew checking in. I'm not on FB though, so maybe an unnecessary post.
  20. Phauxelate

    Phauxelate Member

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    The name is Foxeler on Facebook

    Ethan here, checking in!

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