might i request

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a model for a warhammer 40k terminator

yes i did search terminator the only hit was "master chiefs face"
exising models are of a 5 man squad and the quality is low to poor

i still havent figured out metaseq so no i cant do it on my own

i can offer a arm and a leg
or if you prefer payment in souls.....
Wow, that looks a bit to much to make. That could be done, but it will cost a lot of money/time. Very nice suggestion though!
i have the funds for it
the time i will have to salvage

i cant say youll be seeing any of this for the next couple of months
check back late september and i might show you some progress
thank you sigma :rock: :clap: :bow: :bow:
should i even attempt to perka this?

i think this is so big im gonna vac form it

atleast i wont have to put lifts in it im already 6'5"
I have no experience in the vac department but I'd say it is definitely possible to pepa this thing if you chop it up right and reinforce it as you put it together. Especially with the curves on most of it, you wouldn't even need to score all the folds.

Either way, this could be a very sweet suit.
Cool Starfox64, so is he going to have like the flag on his back like you would see on some commanders with the drop of blood with wings?
i just have to figure out how to make it give me health from the people i whack...

ah ill make it so that evry time i whack someone my suit gives me beer

the sweet nectar of life
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