Minecraft anyone?


this is the skin i use (100% halo nerd)

yeah, INVedit would help you get all the blocks, though you may also need MC edit or some really detailed plans, because it is tricky to build from scratch or by eye.


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My skin's the default, with an ODST helmet shopped onto the head. Check it:

Gotta love me some GIMP.

Anyway, I tried using a map editor, but it used too much RAM to render, and moving was fiddly. In any case, I'm using some high-resolution renders of Savannah I found, but this is kinda at the wayside for now.



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Ive known about minecraft since the start, didnt play it though, now i play it (dont say anything against me) on a cracked version to trial it on my system (no point buying a game that wont work) so im gonna buy it soon when i have some spare money :)
oh and btw, cracked servers dont work, if your cracked your stuck in the spawn point unable to move, so you lose out on a lot of stuff tbh

sonic sod

I love minecraft i dunno how long ive been playing im blocksod on there and someone should definatly make a 405th server i had an idea that we could all have houses shaped like helmets i call ODST btw lol

Boba Fett

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my friend has Griff from RvB as his skin. :p Love this game... great for when I have nothing to do.


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haha im addicted to pistons :')
i tried making a house out of blocks on fortresscraft, it failed epically, you would need a HUGE house (cant emphasize that enough)
we should make a server though, you know what, when i buy it, if noone has made a server then i will make one! (no promises included, i have a slow ass comp)


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All in a favour of a 405th server say "Aye".

Personally I just think its a funny game, I don't do anything seriously grand scale in it. We should definitely make an enormous master chief though.


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Ok server is up. But this is only a test. I haven't moved the server over to my basement computer which runs 24/7:p I just want to test if I have opened all the right ports^^

Edit: Server is down atm


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Okay, as soon as you get it online, can you give the IP?

Oh, and please make me an admin/ or a mod. IM DEAD SERIOUS. I DONT GRIEF OR STEAL. PLEASE :D


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When you finally move your server to your basement, is it going to be a RP server or just a build server?


As with Jico, I am going to only have it up as a test for my immediate friends, then Im going to open it to everyone, but if you wanna be an admin, I have to trust you for about a month or so. I'll let you know when I can let you test it!


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i love Minecraft :D i just wish there were some pep file for it :(

Well I actually rigged some 3d models I made. Thought it was fun to play with them at the time, does anybody wants these for pep?
I had to redo the texture blerg, since blender has a wierd blurring effect to evade pixels being shown. Thankgod for photoshop. I made a vector out of every texture so i can scale it to any size i want without blurry lines



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I went completely bored/insane one evening a few months back and built a little terrain diorama for pep. I haven't tested it out at all, and it's ridiculously complex to build, but hey, doesn't hurt anyone to post it up if someone wants to take the challenge.


Also, I wouldn't mind having your files, Rundown, if you managed to get the textures to work better than I. I couldn't seem to get the texture coordinates to preserve correctly on the characters when I sent them to pep.


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Has anyone seen this video of Notch showing off Beta 1.8 ? Which comes out on SEPTEMBER 8TH!!

There are now 2 game modes - Survival and creative . He shows creative at the end -

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