Anyone else excited for the new Duke Controller?

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Lieutenant Jaku

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the new version of Duke controller is coming out for xbox one soon. gamestop keeps changing the release date, but it looks sweet.
just wondering who else might be exited.
Noooo waaaay. I still have an OG Xbox, and while it may be nostalgic, i will not use a Frisbee for a controller, lol. I first player xbox when i was 6, and my little tiny hands could barely reach the right joystick. It was so hard for me to kill those angry blue alien dudes, and the crazy walking bugs. (The elites and grunts, respectively)
mblackwell1002 how could you not want to play Xbox with a frisbee. You can also play Frisbee golf and ultimate Frisbee. I always liked the duke controller design so I bought the original Duke to use with pc (and then lost the adapter). Personally I think they should make a 360 version also.
Has a lot to do with how you store them. I was the same way. Instead of wrapping them around the headset when you're done, try wrapping them around your hand and then binder clip the cords together. This puts less strain on the connection between headset and cord.
Fair enough, Still im not to much of a fan of the original xbox controller.
I love the original controller, unfortunately my cord is slightly damaged due to my animals walking through while i am playing and walking into the wire, ripping it from the socket on one side.
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