Missile Pod Madness

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So I'm trying to get a game scale missile pod done for C2E2. For those who don't know the missile pod comes in at just under 6'8" at full scale.
I did the 3d model at the beginning of 2020 and I've been meaning to build it since, thankfully Benton188 did an unfold for me.
Game model for reference:
R (8).png
Okay first progress post to catch up the forums on where I am (which is where I was last week, I'm a tad further now).

Here's the front cone with the cross nozzle. (not really sure what it's supposed to be).

wearing it on my head I am still shorter than the final prop will be.

here's the beginning of the shroud with a banana for scale.

I think I will need more foam, this is the biggest template but it takes up a whole roll.
Hmmmm....maybe we should get someone in the Chicago area to go down and measure the building, cause I don't think the convention center can handle something that huge! lol Looking good so far, and for the front nozzle I almost deleted it from the unfold because I thought it was not part of the model, like a structure support or something. Nope, that's just how the front of the launcher looks for some reason, it's goofy.
More photos!
The shroud is almost done, it will definitely need a skeleton to hold it though, maybe wood or aluminum.

Here are the two parts I did today, the progress is slow but it's happening. The back part looks blank without the fin details on it but I am going to do those last in case I run out of time and need to ask someone to print them. I should order more foam soon.

Here's the core pieces done so far and how tall they are.

This is where we are at so far.
The inside supports looked way cooler than the outside at this stage.

Here as I put in this detail section it started to look like something.

Yes that is a 1 gallon ice-cream bucket.

Here's progress on the section as it stands. The sections built so far add up to about 40 inches, the tube rear section I just finished is about 29 inches. Anyway it is very large so far.

Here's where progress is at roughly.
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Large pieces have been cut and glued today. Here's the pieces currently unattached.
Thanks Rock Lobbster for the kind donation of 3d printed fins for the missile pod. These arrived today and they look fantastic, I'm excited to add them in.

Also here's how big the pieces are stacked. obviously in the pic with me the cone on top goes on the bottom/front but I have yet to cut the piece that connects it all.
The pieces for the side pods themselves are cut out but I have yet to glue them.
As usual here is where we are at so far
You know, i figured it was going to be large. But you stood next to it really brings home the scale of this build. Wow. Great work!
I built the rear handle and it has some of my favorite details.

I also attached the fins that Rock Lobbster so graciously printed for me. I unfortunately didn't space them super evenly but oh well

Here with the side pods attached it's truly taking shape. It looks somewhat like a spaceship without the shroud.

Hoping to finish the rest of construction tonight and move on to paint next.
Here's an inverse of what I usually do and these are the parts I have left to attach.

Debating doing the extra cone details, which I forgot in the 3d model. The details are circled below.
I'm so hyped for this. For the nozzle, with your time restriction you may have trouble creating those dented sections, so instead of making them rounded as they appear to be, you could instead cut out those sections and embed them deeper in?
Update, every foam piece I need is cut and all the details are in. All I need now is the frame that will go around the shroud to keep it in the proper shape. My dad did about 3/4 the work for the internal structure and has offered to do the shroud frame so I have to thank him for that.

Here is the handle I made. There are pvc cores to the supports and a wood core to the handle itself. The pvc connects into the main tube to keep the shroud attached and better support the missile pod.

I painted the nose cone as well and put orange tape on the tip to comply with c2e2 rules.

You can see without the frame around the shroud, the shroud is basically just hanging there so hopefully tomorrow the frame can get in and it will look better.

I'm so excited for this to be done honestly. Also side note I painted a new helmet for my H3 marine suit, it just needs padding.

Master chief is the best work shop tool friend.
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