Props Foam & Pvc Missile Pod build (PICS)

Shadow Of Intent

What sort of force does the foam exert on the card when it expands? Say, for example you had made a pepakura gravity hammer from 200gsm card and hadn't yet resined/fiberglassed it, do you think the insulation foam would tear it apart from the inside out? Amazing missile pod by the way =D

stranger2u 19

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it probly would but there are diffrent grades of the foam some expand more than others ive seen it crack a window when a buddy used it to fill gaps under his window seal


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This is CRAZY!!! You have got some talent man. Keep up the great work and keep those updates coming!


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Everytime you post updated that thing just gets better and better, its looking great man, hope you get over that cold

Dark Star

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That looks incredible! It's obvious you put a lot of time into cutting all that stuff.

Out of curiosity... what would happen if you installed a thinner pipe on the tip you could actually launch model rockets out of? :p You built it, does it sound feasible?