Foam MK7 Build (new suit)

Boots are done! At least 98%, I just need to add the little detail on the side pieces and elastic on the bottom to help keep the shoe in place. I can run in them and there seems to be no rubbing against the ground. Getting them on with armor shouldn't be too bad, as long as I'm still flexible enough to tie my shoes.

I haven't had a good set of boots since my original build, but they didn't last long and where clunky. I will no longer be embarrassed about my feet lol. Up next are the thighs because besides the chest, they are my favorite part and I believe will play a huge role in my mobility.

Edit: all done! Sealer helped out a lot. All that's left is to add some dirt and maybe purple blood for added detail.


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Started the left thigh. I have already had to resize it bigger so now it fits perfectly. But I may need to rebuild it or at least the main detail part on the side. It's so ugly lol. I don't know if sealer can fix it .

But that will wait another day. I have a local convention next month so I may start on the cod piece that way I can wear that and my new boots with the old suit. I night even get the shins done but who knows. Between this, work, and rebuilding a house to move into next week we'll see. I'll keep yall posted!


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Okay here is a last minute update. I have a local convention tomorrow so I had to get things done today. One of the items was the cod piece. I'm okay with it, not very proud of the angled edges along the belt but once it's black washed in the morning it'll blend better. I used old 3d printed bits for the side pieces, and will hot glue velcro for easy on/off.

But I am excited for the gloves! These are better than my actual work gloves lol. I used smaller foam; 4mm? Just two layers of that and boom.

I upgraded my helmets speaker system with a Bluetooth microphone which velcros inside where the old one was. It also got new magnets for the back seal, and extra padding because I took out a piece of the construction hat suspension system.

Made some more repairs to the old armor which I hope will last the day, if not I know the pieces I've made for this build will. I've started on the suspenders but I'm so bad at the sewing machine I'm going to ask my wife, haha. After tomorrow I'll start the extra push for C2E2 if I can get the time off work. I need to finish the whole build!! At least the chest, calves, and arms.


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One shin down! Need a little cleaning up and sealed but all in all I love it. Took a few tries to get the right scale but I think this is it. Will get the next one done tomorrow.

Anyone that has done foam, how were the knees when it came to sizing? I uploaded it to Pepa and it seems way too big so I've scaled it down to what I believe would fit my build. Just curious if anyone else scaled it down or used the almost full sheet of paper size.

My plan is to get at least a section done a week prior to C2E2. I don't know why but the forearms and thighs seem to be my biggest issue scaling, getting the parts to fit properly, and not look all wonky or too stubby. But other than that the torso I believe will take a whole week. The pieces I've printed seem to be of similar size to my Reach build so I think I'm good there.

Also, ignore the purple walls. It's one of the last rooms we need to repaint upstairs lol.


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Another small update with nothing finished lol. Knees came out perfect! I like the size of them compared to my shins. I'm fighting the urge to just glue them together like I did for my Reach build. With that being said, I noticed the thighs are a little too long. They are touching the top of the knees unless I pull them waaay up. So the thighs will need to be shortened by about an inch but also widened half an inch. The widening won't be too hard to do once I get the length right (third times a charm).
Right now the knees are being held on by elastic strap but will later include velcro that I'll be sewing onto new leggings. That will be my attachment method for anything that's not being held on by the suspenders.
Mini peak of quad gains haha


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Forearm 1 is almost done. Debating on lengthening it. It's the same height as the reach, however it seems a little smaller when I'm wearing it? I paired it with a bicep and it looks good.
Starting on the front of the torso now. My plan is to have it attached by magnets and use magnetic wire connectors for the lights. I wanted to get this done before everything else because it's the main piece to this build and C2E2 is literally a few weeks away. The sizing is on par compared to Reach torso so far. Update by the end of this week.
Enjoy the eclipse!


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Adding a bit of length is a perfectly good way to size it! My forearm pieces are longer and narrower than the file call for. I made mine slightly oversize, and took a small section out to slim 'em up, but adding to one side will do the same thing.
Adding a bit of length is a perfectly good way to size it! My forearm pieces are longer and narrower than the file call for. I made mine slightly oversize, and took a small section out to slim 'em up, but adding to one side will do the same thing.
Oh no way! They look great. Yeah I even used smaller foam in order for my hand to fit through the end without it being too thick.
Paired the shins, boots, and knees with the reach thighs. I really like the look of this and it'll have to do until after C2E2. I also started on the torso and I'm nervous everytime I get further along with it. It's at 110% and the front is the same size as the reach, I'm just curious about the back. I know it's slightly higher than the reach but gosh. I feel like the new abs will be almost 3 feet long in the back lol. Everything else seems the same and I'm looking forward to getting it done. No pictures of the back right now, waiting to get it finished.


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Big update before C2E2!

Torso is built and on its second layer of paint right now!! Both forearms are done which only took a few hours for each and they fit better length wise. I also got a design for a sticker!! It's from a well know artist that has done work for a few others in this community. The design is of my final phase for this new build, so it gives me more to look forward to. One is of my original Instagram handle but I have just recently made a page separately for this cosplay.

I found this satin yellow is the closest to game accurate. Just waiting on the green to come in the mail tomorrow for the forearms. These next few days is going to be busy working on the suspenders, attachment method, and fixing up electronics.


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