Mmpr Green Ranger Helmet

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I havent thought about Mighty Morphing Power Rangers in forever.

So many good childhood memory's coming to mind.

Might build just for ha-ha's.

le yo ra

are you going to do the Gokaiger Ranger helm too, i prefer the red one..... thanks if ever... (i am a big fan of yours)

and oh i've finished the ironman ver2 helm that you shared to us...
what the heck, i'm so happy with this,HAHA....
thanks for giving your files for free....


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this is my black ranger helmet...that i unfolded. it was kinda hard senses it was my first unfold. it was scaled at 230mm.but i was alittle small so 240mm.should be fine.


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yea it took me about 3 hours to figure out how to
do you know where i can find the blue,yellow,red,pink,and white helmet files.


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I have a Green Ranger helmet cardstock finished, Unfolded I guess you say. But I don't want to do the fiberglass step yet because the helmet shifts if that makes sense. I'm afraid that I will do the fiberglass and it will be tilted and it will harden un even. Anyone have any hints on keeping the helmet even while doing this step?


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Do a few thin layers with disposable paintbrushes. They're only a couple bucks for a pack of them. Go easy. you'll honestly need only about an ounce per batch of resin (12 drops hardener if you're using Bondo brand). otherwise you'll waist it. do a few layers on both the inside and outside until it holds its shape. Then I'd pour in one ounce batches and slush it around. It takes alot longer to do it in such small batches, but the finished product is worth the time. You can try (after the first few layers) to avoid the visor area since you'd only be cutting it out anyhow. Let me know how it goes.


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If your completed Pepakura model is not holding it's shape well, there could be one or more issues.
1. Your cardstock is not thick enough to support the weight of all that glue and card. -- Get thicker card for large areas, thinner for small areas.
2. You folded every line in the model. -- Parts that are naturally curved should not be folded. They will form the proper curve as you assemble it.
3. The model is inherently flawed and requires supports for the fiberglassing phase of the build. -- I don't get the chance to test my models very often, so let me know (PM me or email me) if the model needs support struts.
4. Your younger sibling has been playing with it. -- I can't help you there, sorry.


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Hey Dung0Beetle, Great job on the helmets, truly magnificent.

as a little side note I have some pretty decent front and side views of the MMPR helmets if you would like. I'd like to help in any way I could, Because you make some great files, and I'm looking forward very much to you posting the White ranger helmet. So any help you need, I'd be glad to help, and I have good size/clear picture angles of the helmets if you would like.