Mmpr Green Ranger Helmet


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Nice work.. umm for a red ranger and white ranger.. There a few people who have done the models run down, Im not sure where dung is at with it. There is a guy on the rpf doing the white ranger movie helmets for a price not a free give away like this forum is. I like your work as I have a good collection of ranger/ kamen rider peps.


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how much is the guy want for a white ranger movie file. i've been looking for the movie version for quite some time now without any luck


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SHWEET! Thank ya Dung0beetle! I'm getting right on this white ranger helmet.
NNIICEEE thanks for taking the time to unfold this you too @Dung0beetle for making the 3d model.

as with anything that is so badass take your time on unfolding this. i just hope you share your work with your fellow 405th members and especially with the MIGHTY MORPHINE POWER RANGER FANS!!!!

looking forward for this :D


ok i hope i dont get yelled at for this but dose any one have the white dino ranger helmat link ive been wanting this for like ever


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The links to the yellow and white ranger helmets seem to be dead is there any chance of an update or if possible an email with the files. I have been looking for them forever, and it sucks to be this close and not be able to get them. my email is thanks in advance.