Mobicon 2018 After Action Report


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Mobicon is a small con in Mobile, Alabama that is growing every year. This year they asked the 405th to make an appearance, and our turn out was great. The high point was the organizers asking us to lead the Cosplay Parade.

On a serious note, this was one of the better cons we had. We managed to get at least two solid new recruits. KellyKell being the most eager one to join our ranks with an urge to build Linda - 058. We also managed to raise $280 for Operation Supply Drop. This brought us over the $1,000 mark for donations.

To help generate more interest in donation and to encourage interaction with attendees, we created the Shoot the Elite. This turned out to be a great success and something we will certainly continue and refine.

As usual, we presented our 405th panel. This is the second time we've put this panel on about who the 405th is and what we do. This time we got video of the whole panel that you can check out below along with some pictures of the weekend. You can always check out a lot more on our Facebook page.

This was a very positive experience. Even with the threat of a tropical storm people still came out. Guests and vendors spoke about how well they did and how well the con went. Mobicon has a very positive and welcoming atmosphere. I don't think any of our people felt the pressure or rush one would feel at a much larger con.

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