Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build


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This build is back on track. Financial issues have been taken care and I even managed to slip in going to FanExpo FanExpo 2019
Things that need to be done:
Finish painting/weathering armour. for some of the parts that are already weathered, I may go over it again. Its too plain and doesn't have enough depth. I going to try a technique that SKSprops uses with a mop brush and some watered down mixture of black and brown paints.
Devine Slasher long sword needs to be tweeked a bit. I need to reshape/sculpt the profile a little. Its a little too thick and chunky.
Then a wig needs to be made, need to start playing with LED lights for the blue eyes and scout fly cage (not yet crafted).
I also need to build the carving knife (considering making the blade with sintra... don't know yet) plus sheath.
and the biggest challenge for me is the under suit.


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Started whittling down the guard on my long sword. Ripped the bugger apart an started cutting off the offending foam. Has a much better profile.

Will have to do the same with the blade. Turns out laminating 3 layers of 1/2 inch foam was a little too much.
The good thing is that this can be reworked. I won't have to start over.


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Little bit more progress.
Devine Slasher assembly is almost complete. I need to still make a pommel. My dilemma is I need to make it out of something other than foam. This sword is going to be standing on end when being stored or even out and about at cons.

I was looking at a product from Smooth On called Epsilon PRO. It's a impact resistant resin that can be used on foam. I could make the pommel out foam and coat it with that along with the blade edge and tip.
Problem is, It's not readily available anywhere. The only place I found it was on Amazon... For a $150 CAD. :eek:

Other progress made is shins and hip plates have been black washed.


Lastly chest has last coats of red applied and will be blackwashed as well.

I am considering adding more details to the shoulder straps and even a collar.