Monty is now even Cooler


So after stressing myself tf out with my monster hunter and switch axe, I decided to take it easy and make a really quick gag-cosplay. Cooler is my favorite villain from DBZ and since I didn't to use max effort I thought he'd be pretty easy.

I started the old fashioned way with a pepakura helmet.

IMG_1188.jpg IMG_1199.jpg

Unfortunately there weren't pep files for the rest of the armor so I had to improvise with some plastic wrap and duct tape, but they still came out well.

One purple body suit from amazon later, and I had the crappiest/quickest cosplay I've ever thrown together.

Anyone that has seen my previous work knows I can do better, but it was nice to throw an outfit together just for kicks and giggles. Now that I have it out of my system, I'll start getting serious again and make a suit that I'm actually proud to show off.
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