More proggress on my helmet!

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Afro Devin

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:hyper: ok so i have finished doing all of my small and minor tweaks and im finaly starting to do the chin/ jaw part of the helmet i have 4 different parts i need to add and then i can start carbonfibering(if that is a word lol) it i have to add the two back parts, tweak and detail that and i have to add two jawparts and tweak and detail that, i have a cardboard visor the exact size as the real one ill be using so i dont have to massecre the real one... and thats about it, sorry you have to read this novel but im just realy exited! :lindsey:
really starting to come together. Try to use tape/glue on the inside so it's not so visible. Looks like a good scale though!!!
im just taping it down because this is the cardboard visor and i need a sort of idea of how the real one will fit so im puting it together when its taped but yea im pretty exited that it might actualy be done before school starts. green ima paint it the original spartan green =D
IM FINISHED!!!!! yay im so happy all i have to do now is carbonfiber it, paint it, and put the visor in!... well maybe not finished but im still exited about carbonfibering it
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