Moz's mark 5 oct 15 update:

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Update on the progress of the mark 5. I have been hailed as the master of halo pepakura by many, I hope this video shows them for the fraud I am.

there is actually a little bit of an issue with the helmet right now, and I had to cut the bill off, but I am making a new video explaining why.
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The Mud idea is pretty good, and has its applications.... Might I suggest however that you try some Metal Glaze... its self leveling and you wont see near as many of the pits you are trying to fix in you video.... Glaze is about the consistancy of Molasses, or thick honey... I used it on my helm and everything is coming out smoother than you would get with Bondo Body Filler...
this really has me wanting to try mud.. Bondo is too weak, crumbly, and full of pits, and fiberglass is too tough to detail effectively, so I've been doing different layers of the two.. fiberglass for mass, bondo for shape, but it looks like that would be a good way to get both, good video
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