MrJamin's 3D Printed MK VI Master Chief


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This armor came out just great in the end! i'm gonna have to make a trip to you one day to check it out for sure.


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Final Update for a while! (There are still a few things I want to do before I actually call this suit done)

I will say that this journey has basically reached the end. Last week Thursday night I finally did a full suit-up and got to see a dream of mine come into reality.

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Even though I spent countless hours making this - I am still blown away by how it looked when it all came together.

My wife even took a video of me doing a full spin to see it from all angles:
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(You can also see some of these images and the video up on Instagram - Login • Instagram)

After I did the suit-up on Thursday I packed it into a crate to drive down to Chicago on Friday for C2E2. This was my first time attending a convention and I wore the suit for ~6 Hours on Saturday. (Wore my Traxus on Friday with other folks)

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(photos credit of Benton188 and Fallen)

I honestly can't wait to see even more pictures from the weekend as they become available.
I am so motivated right now...thanks

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