MrJamin's 3D Printed MK VI Master Chief


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TurboCharizard - How long do you usually go before replacing them?
It depends on use cases and the average accepted length I've seen is five year shelf life unopened and six months opened. Generally though if you can smell anything through it when using a product the concentration of bad stuff in the space is too high or you really need to change your filter.


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This looks just fantastic! Really appreciate you sharing your work with us.

TurboCharizard - How long do you usually go before replacing them?

Still on my original set and I'm fine......



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I did something that felt so wrong tonight. I drilled holes into the chest piece so I could start on the lights.

I got the acrylic cut and glued in

Now to just get them cleaned up, actually install the lights, and get the chest piece ready for final paint.

Bonus pic checking out the in progress lighting:


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Sweet, please keep the pics and progress updates coming.

Thanks for also sharing the files from your work, I'll hopefully have my new 3d printer soon and can start crafting mine. Seeing yours motivates me to start mine.


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More progress on the chest tonight!

I got the lights all wired up and installed.

Once that was done I put some metal tape on the back to prevent light leaks. I also dabbed some hot glue in a few places to hold the wires

picture from the front:

Really happy with how this is looking! Now to do the same with the back.


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I decided it was time to clear some projects off my backlog.
View attachment 297669 View attachment 297670 View attachment 297671 View attachment 297672 View attachment 297673 View attachment 297674 View attachment 297675 View attachment 297676

View attachment 297677
View attachment 297678
View attachment 297679

Now that these are done, back to working on my suit.

Massive thanks to CollinMcCaf for the MA5C Model and to TurboCharizard for his M6G Model on Etsy!
These look beautiful dude, great job!


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I had my airbrush out from working on the weapons and decided to give it a shot for doing some weathering on the cod and butt pieces. I really loved how it was looking so it motivated me to get some additional weathering done today.

I am not ready to say that these are 100% done, but I am really happy with how they are looking!


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