My 1St Mk Vi Helmet


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Hello 405th!

It's my first piece of Halo armor and I want to know if I'm doing everything in right way.

Here are some photos of my pep:




Yesterday I resined my helmet, but it's still wet and there are some white places, so I think that resin doesn't get everywhere...



Should I resin it again? :/


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You're off a good start!

And that's not low-def actually. That's med def and smoooooth.

Just for the heads up, I use 7 layers of resin outside.

And 2-3 of fiberglass inside.


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thats looking great also one thing i found works good for reinforcing the bill section is expanding foam that way you can grabe it like a ball cap without caving it in
This is one of the smoothest pep jobs i have ever seen. Hope it all goes well throughout the bondo stage and good luck on the rest of your armor.


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very good job...

When you get to the fiberglass stage make sure you get the entire inside of the bill. There are some hard to get crevices in there.

I've only been resining my pieces one time on the outside. I wasn't happy with the way some pieces turned out with 2 exterior resins, and a single coat outside seems to work well. I give it a pretty good single thick coat, but not enough for it to be running off or anything.


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Today I resined my helmet again and it was much better, because the first time I used too little hardner and colour of resin was like this and it doesn't dry. This time it's colour was like this, and everything went in right way :D (I couldn't find anywhere what should be colour of it :/). I hope I'll fibreglass it soon ^^.


I was gluing this helmet for about 3-4 days but I wasn't hurry :p

I think you can do it in 2 days
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Ok, the resin dried after about week, but all this time my helmet was laying on a chair, and now everything looks ok, but from the bottom it looks like this:

I was asking about shape changing in "have a question", so here is the photo of this.

I hope I'll be able to align it somehow...


I put inside a wooden cross and hang helmet upside-down. Now it's back to normal :D


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Long time w/o any updates, but my helmet is almos done with fibreglass :D


There are some airbubbles, but I'm going to sand outside and fill-in them with bondo.


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Awesome work dude. Watching you start is giving me some motivation. I'll be keeping an eye on the updates. And I agree with mc hammer, I like the Normal detail version better. Reminds me of my Halo: Custom Edition days... good times.