my 3rd try on my helmet

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Ok i started my helmet again a couple of days ago and i got quite a bit done.
i will have pictures up at the latest 1 hour because im charging my camera :D .
i burnt my finger twice and it hurts pretty bad but other than that its working.
From my experience hot glue is the best and make sure you use card stock its
pretty good.I tend to buy card stock the size my printer takes . :lol:


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Couldnt the creation of this thread WAIT until pictures were ready? It's against rules to make a armor show off thread without pictures, if i am correct.

Ral Partha

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To the OP, if you don't act soon enough to post the pics, this thread will be locked. It's just a matter of time before the mods see this.
Yeah, use photo bucket or the like.
Cuz i smell a ban hammer floating around, but i'm sure the mods will understand if you are having technology malfunctions. Just don't put it off.

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