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SGT Razor

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link4044 said:
fiberglass, plastic and resin with a sidw of blood, sweat and tears

Anything one builds isn't good unless it's bled for.
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no updates on the BR but im working on the AR.........need to post some pics of it soon

haha 5000th posts


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Link they are freakin' sweet props mate! I would offer to buy some but I'm so determined to make my own one day that I will just say thanks for showing how great these can turn out! I will also be making some weapons from the kamikuzu pack (AK47, Deagle, 50cal, P90, ebony&ivory etc). Search the forums anyone who doesn't know what these are because these are simply amazing. Some need detailing and could look better with shiny paint (there are pics of completed ones in pack)

If you can't find the pack then PM me and I will put it on a filesharing site and add it to the pepakura database (there are gifs and pdfs of them too if you can't do .pdo but apparently they are all terribly scaled on pepakura so be careful).

Sorry for the off topic but nice weaps link


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Woaw, the assault rifle looks awesome! Your really talented! Can you send me a price list? If my Pepakura weapons fail, I need a back up for Halloween. :D
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