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I haven't read anything in the guidelines saying posting in a old forum is not allowed I'm still giving my props since I haven't been active since DEC. report all you want I still think this pistole looks great and also I never seen it before so it's new to me. So please stop flaming people who haven't seen these.

In fact, Ral Partha is right.

But now the subject is back on the main page...
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link4044 said:
heres a pic of my armory
few of the weapons has to be redone

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You can start supplying guns to 405th's growning army muwahahahaha, all we have to do now is clone ourselves.... jks.

seriously, those wepons are looking really awesome!!!! I hope someday i can do that... :D

might update those pics soon with more weapons
AND, you mean MORE weapons?? exactly how many do you have? hehe jks. can't wait to see the new ones.
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sniper would be cool...get a nice glowy scope that would blind you every time you would try to look through it lol

i dont know maybe even a brute shot cause you dont see those everyday
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