My Armour Creation Journey (Helmet)


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Cheeky update for final paint (I did some dry brushing), before I add the shell coat I'm going to do some pre drilling for mounting Holes inside the helm, I'm hoping with the dry brushing to provide kind of a road rash look mixed with a work look, like this spartan has taken off his helmet some times at the end of the day.

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Annnnnd, I'm alive, do not recommend getting covid, recovery and the sickness was rough.

As an update I've received some fans, LEDs, magnets, epoxy putty, perspex, and some nicknacks for my helm.

I have fitted the magnets in so the back neck plate clicks in properly.
I have finally applied the clear shell coat and the helm looks, amazing, the wearing and the weathering I have put the helm through has paid off.
I have spent some time also building the circuit and boy oh boy does it look good.

Forgive the mass post of pictures, just excited to be back.

Setting up the eva foam and the cushioning foam.


Setup of some LED's using 9V


Setting up the template on the perspex for cutting.


Finished cut, may need to sand edges (Can just hotglue gun the edges).


I had a bit of a concern that the weathering i put on the helm would be effected by the clear coat, but it made the helm even better!

If anyone has any advice regarding fitting the perspex I would appreciate it, I want to make the fit as tight as possible in this situation.


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Nailed the colours, I'm loving it. When I did the perspex visor on my warrior I heated the piece up and then pushed it into the hole from the inside so it molded around and sealed to the opening. That was only a small visor on that helmet might be a bit more trick with a larger one


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Hello Esteemed Spartans,

I have done it, a big thankyou to you all for your advise and assistance, i will be spending extra time on detailing and fixing up the wiring, (the black dots are where the foam goes I made it so it Velcros to the inside).

I used the heat gun method mentioned by NEMES1S warp the visor as best as possible then I used the epoxy putty to act as the bonding agent and filler for visor placement, I'm using clamps and a small blowtorch to make sure it melds in properly.

After this dries, I will place in the foam, and the wiring, and then I will post up the final lighting and fan assembly, this may take me some time, (If anyone was interested in knowing, I do archery and my plunger slot just popped out and that spurred me on to finish the visor), Behold! The base operator helmet!

A note for now, I will be making an EOD helm for a friend so I'll make another more efficient thread, and enjoy and share the armour making adventure!

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